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What is Repair Shop Software for Windows?

Repair shop software provides an easy to use platform for tracking and managing customer data, inventory, and invoicing. It can help streamline repair shop processes to save time and increase accuracy. This type of software is customizable and compatible with a wide variety of workplace environments. It also allows users to access important information quickly so that they can focus on providing quality service to customers.Compare the best Repair Shop software for Windows currently available using the table below.

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    Digital Wrench

    VMT Software

    Digital Wrench by VMT software is a Repair Order Software designed for the repair shop business. Whether you own an automotive repair shop, a motorcycle or ATV shop, a boat repair shop, a diesel and truck shop, RV Repair, or other types of machine repair shops, Digital Wrench is a simple yet excellent solution to help you streamline processes and reduce paperwork.Digital Wrench covers repair order tracking, inventory management, invoice history, customer tracking, time tracking, invoicing, marketing, customer scheduling, work orders, estimates, and much more.

    1 Rating

    Starting Price:$34.95/month

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    WorkTracer is an inexpensive Windows based software package for small to medium sized repair shops. It is very simple to use; your staff will require no special training, just a basic understanding of Windows.

    1 Rating

    Starting Price:$280.00/one-time

    (Video) Best free PC Repair software for fixing problems or issues occuring in Windows computer.

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    Streamline management of your field service with RazorSync software for mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Schedule, dispatch, invoice, and even manage customer records from the field! Capabilities such as viewing jobs and technicians on a map or rescheduling and dispatching to save time/travel. Data is stored in the cloud to ensure easy access, and customer records that update your office QuickBooks automatically. RazorSync users report higher billings, revenue, and customer satisfaction.Start a free trial today!

    Starting Price:$39.99/month

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    ServiceCentral Technologies

    A comprehensive point of sale, repair tracking, and business management solution developed for the retail repair industry. RepairQ focuses on automating your daily operations and is constantly adding features and qualified integrated partners. RepairQ offers Point of Sale, Ticket and Repair Tracking, Inventory Management, Enhanced Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence reporting, and so much more. Start a free trial of RepairQ today or signup for only $75 a month!

    Starting Price:$75 per month

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    RepairDesk is a cloud based point-of-sale software, engineered specifically for small and medium sized computer and cell phone repair shops that allows technicians to track & monitor repair jobs, stay on top of inventory and manage multiple store locations. The software keeps track of inventory levels and notifies the business when a phone part is low and needs to be replenished so they can order parts.

    (Video) Car Service Software for Microsoft Excel

    Starting Price:$50.00/month/user

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    RSRS is a powerful and flexible software tool suited to any computer repair shop and/or technical department dealing with the repair of electronic equipment. It offers a wide range of tools that enable any company to streamline their processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and as a result enhance profitability. Your customer’s history along with that of his respective machines allows you to recommend to him the purchase of a newer model thus significantly reducing maintenance and repair costs on his behalf and augmenting income on your end. This, in combination with other statistical information available from RSRS allows you to design and apply an integrated marketing strategy for boosting your sales in general, along with targeted offers and promotions. Recording and monitoring the True Costing of your establishment allows you to pin point and minimize losses. Furthermore you can more accurately work out your charges thus increasing your profitability.

    Starting Price:$15.00/month/user

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    OpenRMA Repair Centre is a desktop based Repair Tracking Software, RMA Management Software, Services Tracking Software, Ticketing Management Software specifically for small and medium sized repair business shops that allows technicians to track and manage their repair jobs. The software handles all repairs and keeps track your inventory items and manage multiple locations. The software allows you to track the history of your repairs, search by various factors such as customer, serial number, warranty and many more factors giving you an overview of your business workflow.After Filling in all the information about your RMA Services, you can print Drop-In and Check-out forms from a range of Paper Sized such as US Letter, A4, A5 and Receipt Printer Paper so that your customers can Sign and comply with your terms. Really useful in cases where things go wrong and you have a complaining customer.

    Starting Price:$185 one-time fee

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    Boachsoft Lowrider


    Boachsoft LowRider is an easy-to-use repair workshop management software ideal for auto, boat, ship, airplane and computer repairs. With its excellent work order management system it is ideal for any business that uses work orders. It also has an excellent purchase order management system. Repair shop management software which has been equipped with a work order management system makes managing repair outlets so much easier. Perfect for small, independent repair shops as well as large repair outlets, Boachsoft LowRider 2016 is easy to use and affordable. It is the ideal repair shop management software for auto, boat, ship, airplane and computer repair outlets. Managing repair shops can be hard. This repair shop management software makes it easy. It is also ideal for any business that uses work orders in managing customer requests because of its excellent work order management module.

    (Video) FixWin 11 is the best PC Repair software to fix Windows problems

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    PC Repair Tracker

    PC Repair Tracker

    PC Repair Tracker is a custom application written from the ground up for managing a small computer store and repair shop. It has been used and refined on a daily basis for over 8 years now in our own small shop. Check out the demo’s and see if our solution is right for you! AuthorizeNet Card Present & Card Not Present, Sage Payments, BluePay, Stripe Payments, Square, MyVirtualMerchant, and PayPal Payments Pro plugins. Vaulted Credit Card Support (Stripe, Authorize.NET CIM, Paypal REST). Multi-Store Support. File Attachments. Job Timers. Block of Time Contracts. Recurring Invoices. SMS support for BulkSMS, SMSGlobal, Clickatell, Twilio, MyMobileAPI, Red Oxygen. Email Service Reminders to your customers. Electronically sign documents with integrated virtual signature pad or Topaz Signature Pad. Translatable, You can translate the interface from English to your language right in the interface. UTF-8 Character Support.

    Starting Price:$125 per year

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    CRS Computer Repair Shop Software

    Computer Repair Shop Software

    Welcome to the most fully featured and revolutionary Repair Shop software available. No matter if you are just starting up as a one man army or as fully established computer / mobile & cell phone repair shop. Improve your repair efficiency which will improve your revenue by being more organized. A happy customer is a repeat customer! Less typing using the built-in canned messages to speed up creating invoices and reports. Repair Tracking, Point of Sale, Inventory, Repeat Billing, Reports and more. Integration to Google Calendar, Kashflow Accounting, Livedrive and more to speed up your business work flows. Send an email from anywhere and your tickets are updated with your repair notes. Use your own SQL Server Database on-premises so you can create your own customer reports, export your own data whenever you want! Lots of reports built-in from customer address maps, financial reports, who are your best customers and more!

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    (Video) 10 Useful Software Tools for PC Repair

    MyIT CRM


    The MyIT CRM project is designed for the needs of individual or multiple employee computer repair businesses. This project was originally derived from the outdated and unsupported citecrm open source project hosted on SourceForge. Since then we have made changes and fixed many bugs. MyIT CRM is being developed by actual developers in the Computer Repairs and servicing area. This helps us develop the best and most suitable free CRM software for this business category. We also take pride in strong community input via the forum. With new features and bugs being actively reported and resolved. It’s also a great way to get personal involvement from all our end users to help build on this software. You can actually see all the code and have access to it anytime, all the time, we have nothing to hide! We want to provide the best (free or paid) CRM software package tailored for computer repair and services businesses.

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    Phone Repair Shop-Script is actually geared to service businesses that May or May not have a POS element or advanced inventory needs. Cell Phone Repair Shop-Script is an all-in-one online platform for running a successful phone repair shop. Having your mobile site for your business can assist you to get a huge population of internet users from all over the world. IndiaPHPExpert is one of the leading PHP Development Company in India, offering a complete range of custom PHP Application development services. Solutions for all type of business across all the mobile platforms apps now possible. PHP Framework is one of the most popular application development frameworks. It is used when it comes to developing latest, secure & robust applications both for web 2.0 and 3.0 applications. We have professional expertise in various open source technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.

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    All-in-one software for repair shops and more. Part-time business? Full-Service Shop? Computer Repair Shop? Multiple Locations? We Have You Covered! Increase Shop Efficiency with RepairShopr’s Workflow. Build Customer Relationships with Integrated Communication Tools. Create Repeat Business and Attract New Customers with Leads and Marketing Tools. Not just a simple CRM but a powerful integrated marketing platform. Our free trial lets you test things out to make sure RepairShopr is the right fit. Quickbooks, Xero, Slack, eTech Parts, PayPal, Google Calendar, Cloud Print, RepairTech, plus much more. CRM, ticketing, invoicing, billing, automated marketing, 3-way email, POS System, inventory, scheduling. Mobile phone repair, inventory management, automated ordering, refurbs, accessories POS, time clock. Bike, Jewelry, Watch, Scuba, Auto, Camera, Small Engine, Drone, Shoe Repair, IT Pros / MSP You name it, it’s covered!

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    Starting Price:$59.99 per month

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    (Video) Microsoft Software Repair Tool can Repair Most Common Windows Problems
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Best Repair Shop Software for Windows? ›

With QuickBooks, you can generate financial statements, manage supplier payments and fixed costs, create profit and loss records, and handle payroll. QuickBooks offers both mobile and desktop apps, making it a highly versatile choice for auto shop accounting.

Can I use QuickBooks for auto repair shop? ›

With QuickBooks, you can generate financial statements, manage supplier payments and fixed costs, create profit and loss records, and handle payroll. QuickBooks offers both mobile and desktop apps, making it a highly versatile choice for auto shop accounting.

What is auto repair shop software? ›

Auto repair management software is a system that automates the daily aspects of managing an auto repair shop (it's one part of an auto shop POS system). This software offers other helpful features that strengthen customer relationships, help you increase your profit margin and easily schedule your employees.

Why you need an auto repair shop management software? ›

The Reasons Why You Need a Car Repair Software
  • Profitability and Enhanced Cash Flow. ...
  • Improved Client Experience. ...
  • Saves Time. ...
  • Attract Skilled Technicians. ...
  • Controlled Access to Critical Company Systems. ...
  • Access to Performance Indicators for Your Shop. ...
  • Allows a Personalised Service.

Does QuickBooks have an automotive program? ›

Integrate With QuickBooks

AutoLeap, an award-winning auto repair shop management software, supports seamless integrations with QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks repair tool? ›

The QuickBooks Tool Hub helps fix common errors. You'll need to close QuickBooks to use the tool hub. For the best experience, we recommend you use Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit.

What software do car mechanics use? ›

Top 10 Auto Repair Software
  • AutoLeap.
  • Shopmonkey.
  • Shop-Ware.
  • Tekmetric.
  • CCC Intelligent Solutions.
  • Alldata.
  • ShopLite.
  • Autoflow.
4 days ago

Is Windows 10 Automatic repair Tool legit? ›

Answer: Yes, Windows 10 does have a built-in repair tool that helps you troubleshoot typical PC issues. However, most of the time it can prove to be inadequate.

Does Windows auto repair work? ›

Automatic Repair can fix some PC issues when the computer cannot boot properly. However, sometimes it fails to work, and you will get stuck on a black screen with the "Preparing Automatic Repair" or "Diagnosing your PC" error message.

What is the best marketing for auto repair shop? ›

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies to Retain Existing Customers
  • Sell Declined Jobs. ...
  • Give Them Something to Take Home Each Visit. ...
  • Send Holiday Gifts or Other Timely Gifts. ...
  • Create a Loyalty Program. ...
  • Create a Referral Challenge or Program. ...
  • Give Customers More Ways to Engage With You Online. ...
  • Get Involved In Your Community.
Jul 7, 2022

How to create an auto repair shop business plan? ›

So, What's Included in an Auto Repair Shop Business Plan?
  1. Write an executive summary.
  2. Describe your shop.
  3. State your business goals.
  4. Describe your products and services.
  5. Do your market research.
  6. Outline your marketing and sales plan.
  7. Perform a business financial analysis.
  8. Make financial projections.
Aug 31, 2022

What is the most common type of auto repair shop? ›

Independent garages are the majority. They are privately owned, and often come with varying degrees of service delivery and pricing.

Does Microsoft have a program like QuickBooks? ›

Both Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are powerful applications that have their own specific merits and purpose. Quickbooks is well suited for Small and Medium-sized businesses, whereas Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a better option for large companies that have multiple business operations.

Does Windows have QuickBooks? ›

​​Windows 11, 64-bit, natively installed (QuickBooks Desktop 2022 R3 or later)

How much does it cost to buy QuickBooks software? ›

QuickBooks Online Alternatives
QuickBooks OnlineFreshBooks
Pricing$15 to $200$15 to $55
Contract LengthMonthlyMonthly
Free Trial30 days30 days
Moneyback Guarantee60-day moneyback guarantee for annual QBO subscriptions30-day guarantee
7 more rows
Feb 28, 2023

When should you stop using QuickBooks? ›

Here are the top nine telltale signs it's time to take the leap off of QuickBooks.
  1. You have difficulty managing and consolidating data from multiple entities. ...
  2. You need a more well-documented audit trail. ...
  3. You are about to reach the maximum number of users. ...
  4. You do not have a built-in CRM system.
Jul 21, 2020

What is QuickBooks discontinuing? ›

The long answer: Intuit are sunsetting some versions of QuickBooks Desktop (QBD), and it might be possible for some users to keep accessing it —though it is not recommended. From May 31st, 2023, Intuit will stop supporting these QuickBooks Desktop 2020 versions: QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020.

What is Microsoft repair tool? ›

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant works by running tests to figure out what's wrong and offers the best solution for the identified problem. It can currently fix Office, Microsoft 365, or Outlook problems.

What is basic software in automotive? ›

The Basic Software (BSW) consists of Basic Software Modules (BSWM) as a collection of software files (code and description) that define a certain basic software functionality present on an ECU. Standard software may be composed of several software modules that are developed independently.

Which design software is mostly used in automobile industry? ›

Autodesk Inventor

It has a high industry rating, so it has quickly become one of the top CAD modelling software for automotive applications. It is ideal for any mechanical design, but it is most commonly used in automotive component designs.

Do mechanics use Alldata? ›

OEM Mechanical and Collision Information | ALLDATA

We're the industry's #1 choice for OEM-accurate mechanical and collision repair information, shop management software and support services, trusted by more than 400,000 technicians in over 115,000 shops worldwide.

Is Windows 10 Automatic Repair Tool free? ›

Windows Repair (All in One) is another free and useful Windows 10 repair tool you can use to repair numerous Windows 10 issues. The Windows Repair developer strongly suggests you should boot your PC in Safe Mode for maximum effect.

Does Windows 11 have a repair tool? ›

Microsoft Software Repair Tool. Microsoft Software Repair is a nice straightforward tool designed by Microsoft to help mitigate software issues on Surface devices, but it can be used with Windows 10/11 installations on other devices just as effectively. This tool restores Windows 10/11 to its default settings.

How do I do an automatic repair on Windows? ›

To access it, follow the steps below.
  1. Press the Windows key , type Change advanced startup options, and press Enter .
  2. Click the Recovery tab.
  3. On the right side under Advanced startup, click the Restart now button.
  4. On the new screen, select Troubleshoot, Advanced options, and then Startup Repair.
Jul 31, 2022

Does Windows 10 have a repair option? ›

Instead of fix-it tools, Windows 10 uses troubleshooters to help you solve problems with your PC. To run a troubleshooter: Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot, or select the Find troubleshooters shortcut at the end of this topic.

How to repair Windows 10 without losing software? ›

Under the Reset the PC, click on the option for Get Started.
  1. Choose the option for Keep My Files or Remove everything. ...
  2. Confirm the warning to agree that your apps will be uninstalled.
  3. Click on the Reset option to completely reinstalling Windows 10 without losing the apps.
Feb 22, 2023

Why does Windows 10 always go to automatic repair? ›

If the above trick fails, try the following solutions.
  • Method 2. Boot your computer in Safe Mode. ...
  • Method 3. Rebuild BCD with the Command Prompt. ...
  • Method 4. Disable Automatic Repair at boot. ...
  • Method 5. Run the Fixboot and Chkdsk commands. ...
  • Method 8. Restore the Windows Registry. ...
  • Method 9. Reset or Refresh Windows 10.

Can independent contractors use QuickBooks? ›

Flexible plans for independent contractors and freelancers. QuickBooks Self-Employed: Discount available for the monthly price of QuickBooks Self-Employed (“QBSE”) is for the first 3 months of service starting from date of enrollment, followed by the then-current fee for the service.

Can I pay independent contractors with QuickBooks? ›

QuickBooks Online with Payroll or Contractor Payments

To pay an independent contractor using direct deposit: Go to Payroll, then select Contractors (Take me there). Select Pay contractors. Double-check the Bank account you'll be paying from, and select the Pay date.

Can QuickBooks time be used for contractors? ›

QuickBooks Time lets freelancers and contractors work from anywhere. Managing non-billable hours is just as important as billable time. Tracking everything they do to get the job done and keep the business running means freelancers and contractors can quantify their true costs.

Can I claim QuickBooks as a business expense? ›

Once you sign up for QuickBooks Self-Employed, here is how to categorize your purchase of QuickBooks Self-Employed as an expense: Sign in to your QuickBooks account. Connect your bank account to the app. Once your bank transactions are downloaded, categorize your QBSE bill transaction under “business taxes and fees.”

Which QuickBooks is best for independent contractors? ›

QuickBooks Self-Employed is designed for freelancers, solopreneurs and independent contractors who want to separate their business and personal expenses as well as basic accounting and invoicing capabilities.

Does QuickBooks report to IRS? ›

In April of each year, QuickBooks Payments files a copy of the 1099-K with the IRS. We need your tax filing name and Taxpayer ID Number (TIN). It can also be your Employee Identification Number (EIN). If the info on your merchant account is wrong, we'll contact you for your taxpayer information.

Is there a desktop version of QuickBooks Self-Employed? ›

Quickbooks Desktop Pro and Quickbooks Self-Employed are both accounting software designed to handle financial data, invoicing, and reporting.

How do I set up an independent contractor in QuickBooks desktop? ›

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Contractor Payments
  1. Go to Payroll and select Contractors (Take me there).
  2. Select Add a contractor.
  3. Enter your contractor's info, or select the Email this contractor checkbox so they can fill it out.
  4. When you're done, select Add contractor.
Feb 22, 2023

Does QuickBooks charge to pay contractors? ›

QuickBooks Online Payroll terms: Each employee is an additional $5/month for Core, $8/month for Premium, and $10/month for Elite. Contractor payments via direct deposit are $5/month for Core, $8/month for Premium, and $10/month for Elite.

How do I set up subcontractors in QuickBooks desktop? ›

To add a subcontractor
  1. Go to Get paid & pay and select Suppliers (Take me there).
  2. Select New supplier.
  3. Enter the supplier's details in the Supplier window.
  4. Select the Is subcontractor checkbox in the Additional info section.
  5. Enter their UTR number (Unique Taxpayer Reference).
  6. Enter their National Insurance number (NI).

When should a company stop using QuickBooks? ›

Here are the top nine telltale signs it's time to take the leap off of QuickBooks.
  1. You have difficulty managing and consolidating data from multiple entities. ...
  2. You need a more well-documented audit trail. ...
  3. You are about to reach the maximum number of users. ...
  4. You do not have a built-in CRM system.
Jul 21, 2020

Can contractors use T sheets? ›

You will check the box for Allow Contractors & Vendors to come over into your TSheets Account! Then you will run a sync and all the 1099 Contractors & Vendors will come over, just like the other employees did!

How do I use QuickBooks for a small construction business? ›

How to Use QuickBooks for Construction Companies
  1. Estimating a Project. ...
  2. Tracking Your Budget for the Project. ...
  3. Use All of the QuickBooks Lists with a Purpose. ...
  4. Keep the Items List Updated. ...
  5. Customize the Customer and Job Settings. ...
  6. Estimate and Track Costs. ...
  7. Invoice Workflow. ...
  8. Submit Reports Timely and Accurately.

What can you not write off as a business expense? ›

The regulations are different in every state and city, but there are several personal and business expenses that are almost always nondeductible, such as entertainment expenses, political contributions and lobbying expenses, gifts (over $25), and commuting expenses.

Can an LLC use QuickBooks Self-Employed? ›

QuickBooks works well for LLCs, whether you want to access your accounting details online or via desktop. However, as with QuickBooks alternatives, it has both benefits and drawbacks. Find out its pros and cons below.

Can you write everything off as a business expense? ›

Only ordinary and necessary expenses can be written off. While this is also true for self employed individuals, employees have much less leeway for tax write offs than those who are self employed.


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