Public Auction Sale: QUALITY POTTERY - TOBY JUGS - ANTIQUES & MORE! (2023)



LOCATED AT: 2653 E. US 30, WARSAW, IN 46580





4 Challenger Boat Telescoping 4-Step Boat Ladder, Stainless Steel

5 2 - Framed Mirrors, 35” x 20”

6 Wood Framed Mirror, 37-1/2” x 44-1/2”

7 4 - Framed Mirrors, 34”x30”, 25”x21”, 20”x12”, 24”x11”

8 4 - Holiday Decor, Wreaths, Decorative Star 15"x35”

9 Repurposed Window with Fleur De List Design, 33” x 21” x 1-1/3”

10 End Table and 3-Drawer Cabinet, 28” x 13” x 29”, Side Doors Extend Length to 37”, Broken Leg Included, One Side Broken, Scuffing

11 Wooden Twin Head and Foot Board with Railing

12 Plate wall hangings 16”x27”, 20”x34”

13 5 pictures — 2- 27” x 20.5”, 19” x24”, 2- 18.5” x 18.5”

14 5 pictures — 36” x 30”, - 24”, x 28.5”, -25.5” 21.5”, -19.5” x 23.5”, -21.5” x 17”

15 Wall art 1 picture frame and 3 pictures- frame 15.5” x 17.5”- pictures - 16.5” x 16” / 16.5”, x 16” / 14”, x 16”

16 4- Wall art photos 21.5”x20”, 30.5”x24.5”, 36.5”x36.5”, 11.5”x26.5”

17 3- Wall art photos, 27”x21.5”, 22”x18”, 22”x18”

18 3- Wall art photos, 35”x30.5”, 22.5”x10.5”, 19”x12”

19 Woodrow Wilson portrait signed by artist 16”x12”, WW1 photo 22”x17”, soldier photo 21”x18”, company B 16th PA. INF.,N. G., June 2, 1917 10”x31”

20 3- Framed Wall Art, Assorted Sizes:18”x22”, 22”x19”, and 22”x19”

21 2- Framed Wall Art, Assorted Sizes:20”x26” and 18”x22”

22 3- Wooden ores

23 Trash can 19"x13”, two step foot stool, shoe rack 22”x60”

24 4- Window covers/drapery rod set 28”-48”, thira natural woven wood shade 27”x64”, kea natural woven wood shade 27”x64”, unknown shade, Wooden Fabric Covered Valiance 61”x15”

25 Twin/full metal bed frame

26 Metal bed frame twin/queen

27 Metal bed frame twin/full

28 Folding double door dog crate 42”L x 28”W x 31”H

29 Twin metal bed frame

30 Native American chalk art statue 40” broken

31 IDEAL Two-Cushion Rebound Game

32 Croquet set, orange ball is cracked

33 Gun rack 40”x24”

34 Empire Level 48”

35 3- Cane fishing rods with case

35a 5- Fishing rods

36 3- Folding metal chairs

37 Chess board 24” with 332 porcelain chess pieces, 33 wooden chess pieces

38 Tackle box and Fishing lures

40 Folding wood double wash stand 36”Hx15”W

42 Metal Bakers Rack-grey,69”Hx19.5”Wx12.5”D

43 Wooden baby crib rocker 38”Lx22”W, damaged/repaired rocker

44 Baby buggy, foldable 32”Lx22”W

45 Wooden candlestick holders, heart shelf 34”H, Three tier wire basket shelf 38”H, artificial pumpkin 8”H

46 Xerox copy machine XC1044, crack on top 21”Lx19”Wx10.5”H

47 Oak cane bottom chair-32”Hx17”Wx16”D, seat height 17.5”

48 2- Wood side chairs with vinyl padded seat 37”Hx17”Wx15”D, seat 17.5”H-2

49 Wood wall shelf 20”H, table Lamp 16”H

50 Cabinet with two drawers and shelf white 35”Hx24”Wx17”D

51 Wood end table with glass insert-26”Lx20Wx21”H

52 Lamp with green shade 25”H, Pendant Clear Frosted Floral Glass Lamp Shade Neckless-16”Wx8”H,small fracture in glass shade

53 Possum Belly Bakers Wood Table -40.5”Wx23”Dx29”H

54 Tifer Wood side table with one drawer-23”Hx32”Wx18”D

55 Brass table lamp 25”H, Resin urn lamp 28”H

56 Side Table with storage-24”Dx15”Wx21”H

56A 61” Floor lamp, 2- table lamps with maroon shades-41”

57 2- Wood plant stands 30”x11.5”

58 Candlestick holder-metal 29”H, Two wooden Santa’s 30”H

59 Metal/Wicker tray with stand,24”Wx14.5Dx24”H

60 Craftsman 10” table saw model 113.29991

61 Oak dresser 38”W x 20”L x 27”T

62 Three drawer wash stand on wheels 29.5W x 17.5”L x 29.5T

63 Antique Oak Scalloped Table w/Turned Legs 2’W x 2’L x 29”T

64 Austin Healthmate Jr. air purifier model HM200 works

65 Chest 19”W x 12”L x 12”T

66 Wood coffee table 44”W x 24”L x 16”T

67 Upholstery channel back Floral arm chair 27”W x 24”L x 36”T wood has scuffs

68 Mission Oak Rocker 25”W x 19.5”L x 35”T

69 Antique sewing cabinet 25.5”-50”W x 21”L x 29”T

70 Cabinet with glass doors and 4 shelves 39.5”W x 13.5”L x 57”T

71 Chest 34”W x 20”L x 25”T missing handles and broken hindge

72 Antique buffet 66”W x 21”L x 38.5”T

73 Bird cage brass 64”, cage 18”

74 Wrought iron floor lamp 55” missing shade

76 Magazine Holder 12”x23”, Side Table 9-1/2”x11”x16”

77 Coffee Table 47-1/2”x17”x14-1/2” scratches

78 White Clad ice box 23”x17”x24” scratches, hole in top

79 Two Coat Racks and Wall art, 22”, 28”, 24”

80 Study Desk, 44”x23”x22”

81 Sofa Table with glass insert 48”x18”x29”

82 Cedar Chest, 45”x19”x20”

83 Wooden Armchair with Floral Pattern, 25” x 23” x 39-1/2”, Seat is 22”

84 2-Person Powered Recliner Sofa, Comes with 4 Throw Pillows, has Power Cord, 77” x 37” x 40” works

85 Wooden 2-Piece Shelving, 24” x 12” x 12” & 31” x 12” x 12”

86 Tin Trunk with Broken Handles, Floral Pattern On Top, 34” x 18” 19”

87 National Vulcanized Fibre Co. Green Trunk with Pink Fabric Interior, One Handle Intact, Staining on Interior, Scuffing, Rust, 30.5” x 16.5” x 13”

88 Trunk with El Paso Trunk Factory Trunks Sticker Inside, Broken Handles and Rusted, 30-1/2” x 16” x 12-1/2”

89 Wrought Iron Wine Holder, Grey, 11” x 9” x 17”

90 Metal umbrella vase 24”H

91 Copper Tub, 24”Wx12”Dx13.5”H

92 Peerless Gas Heater 23”Wx7.5”Dx19”H

93 Samco Gas heater 17”Wx16”Hx9”D

94 Garment bag by Jaguar 41”Lx24”W, DF Studio luggage with wheels 12”Hx22”Lx12”D, High Sierra back pack 19”x12”

95 Mohawk grand manor midnight area rug 60”x90”

96 Outdoor mat 107”x78”

97 Oriental Weavers Aston Tinsley red area rug 7’8x10’10

98 RV Crank Outdoor Awning, 138”, Ripped

99 3-Light Vanity Fixture, 17”

100 Wreath 21”

101 Golf Balls, Unknown Amount

102 Ashtray Stand 11”x23”

103 5-Light Ceiling Fixture, 21”

104 MVP SuperLine 10” Buffer/Polisher and 12” Work Light missing bulb not tested

105 Sunbeam 16” PatioMaster Propane Grill

106 Pool basketball 20”Wx14”H & Swim Ways Pro-Chip Island Golf

107 Wood/Glass End Table, 27”x24”Wx22”H

108 3- Wooden dining chairs with cushion padded seats 38”Hx16”Dx28”W seat height 19”

109 Metal Plate holder 17”Hx8”D, Bird Cage Decor 18”H

110 Wood Dresser with rollers 49”Hx38”Wx20”D, left door stuck

111 Kenmmore Whisper tone canister vacuum

112 Bird feeder 15”Lx7”H

113 2- Rugs including burgundy rug 23”Wx88”L, cream and black rug 40”Lx23”W

114 3- Hardware storage containers 10”x10”, 11x8.5” & 19”x10”

115 Metal Watering Can 8.5”H

116 2- JL Audio homemade speakers 8x7x8”

117 2- Aiwa Speaker Systems, Model:SX-NA22

118 Globetrotter Suitcase 24”x17”x8” and Suitcase 21”x13”x7”

119 Wooden Crate, 19”x14”x10”

120 Venetian Backwater II 24x30” Wall Art & Hanging Mirror with Black Frame,chippedmpaint on edges-21.5”x25.5”

121 Magazine Rack, 18”x14”x12”

122 Magazine Rack 14-1/2”x18” and 22” Outdoor Post Decoration

123 Fall Wreath, 20”

124 Wreath, 20”

200 Selkirkglass paperweight

201 Dynasty gallery paperweight

202 Paperweight

203 Gazing ball on stand 3"

204 2- Glass candlestick holders 4" T

205 2- Glass candlestick holders 11" T

206 Paperweight 4" T

207 Paperweight 2-1/2" T

208 Etched glass paperweight 5" T

209 Apple paperweight 2-1/2" T

210 "Anchor Hocking Pink Ruffled Glass Appetizer Tray


211 3- Glass knick knacks

212 4- Single flower vases

213 2- Purple glass flower vases 8" T

214 Turquoise glass cruet with cork 4-1/2" T

215 "Bouquet Porcelain Gold Trim Tea Strainer

4"" D"

216 Plate stand 10" T and cast iron candle holder 6" T

217 2- Candle stands 9"

218 Corn on the cob salt and pepper shakers

219 Assorted silverware

220 Spring flowered ceramic salt and pepper shakers with gold trim 4-1/2" T

221 "Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar with Lid

6"" T"

222 "Ceramic ginger jar, Hand Painted Grape Leaves

11"" T"

223 Ceramic Country Kitchen Salt and Pepper Shakers 5"T

225 Burgundy Ceramic Ginger Jar With Lid 9"T

226 2- Waterford Crystal candlestick holders 5"T

227 "Diamond Shaped Crystal Displayed on Adjustable Crescent Brass Stand

6-1/2"" T"

228 Cut glass sugar dish 6" T

229 2- Florale pillar lead crystal candlestick holders 6"T

230 8 - Diamond Cut Design Glass Goblets 6”, One Chipped

231 Amber Glass Pitcher, 9”

232 Glass Decanter with Lid, 12”

233 Poker Set, Chips, Cards and Tablecloth

234 Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers, 4”

235 2 - Etched Glass Candle Holders, 5”

236 Arita dish set 51 pc.

237 Hand-Painted Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers, 4”

238 Rug Beater, 17”

239 Ceramic Ginger Jar, 10”

240 Porcelain Ginger Jar, Has Crazing, 9”

241 Artist Signed Framed Canvas Painting, 23”x38”

242 Etched Glass Decanter with Lid

243 2 Glass Juice Pitchers, 9” and 8”

244 Diamond Cut Design Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers, 4-1/2”

245 Decanter with Lid, 7”

246 Diamond Cut Design Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers, 3”

247 Porcelain Trinket Box and Pen Holder, 4”x1”

248 Painted Ceramic Sugar Canister, Crazing

249 Painted Porcelain Signed Sugar Shaker, 5”

250 Set of 4 Pottery Sugar, Salt, Flour, and Pepper Shakers, 4-1/2”, Crazing

251 Wm L Gilbert Wind Up Clock, Lake No.6, 22-1/2”x13”

252 2 - Bavaria Porcelain Creamers, 4”

253 6 - Etched Glass Stem Glasses, 7-1/2”

(Video) Large Collection Royal Doulton Character Jugs Bought At Shop For Resale As Reseller

254 Baby Bonnet, Size:12M

255 6 - Pyrex 6oz. Dessert Bowls, 4”

256 Toby Mug, 5-1/2”, Chipped

257 Blue Ridge Southern Crab Apple Sugar Bowl and Creamer

258 Men's collar attachments, tie clips and money clips with box 6" x 3"

259 Glass ashtray 8"

260 Ceramic Rooster Oil and Vinegar Bottles 8" T

261 10- Anchor Hocking Bubble Sherbet Glasses 4 1/2"

262 2- McCoy Double Tulip Pottery Vase, one has been broken and glued

263 2- Figurines 9", 10"

264 "Anchor Hocking Cranberry Covered Candy Dish


265 Fenton Art Glass Basket 11" T

266 Decorative plates 8 pc.

267 30- Glasses with gold color bands

268 16- Goblets with gold color bands

269 CDs, Glass Candlestick Holders, Draperies

270 Caster Assortment

271 Bird Glass Decor, Angel Figurines, Creamer and Sugar, Vases, Plates, Glass Ornament & Misc.

300 Pennies, 1962 Peso, Pocket Knife

301 Metal Toy Car Assortment

302 Marbles, Cardboard Bottle Lid Assortment

303 Zippo and Lighter Assortment

304 Jewelry Assortment

305 6 - Necklace Assortment

306 Jewelry Assortment

307 Jewelry Assortment

308 4 - Silhouette Bubble Glass Pictures 4" x 5" & Silhouette Pictures

309 7 - Apollo Art Medals 2.5" with Stands & Stamps

310 U.S. Map Puzzle, 1940 Indiana Highway Map, 1936 Judson's Hardware Catalog, Advertising Assortment

311 Holiday Time Village Collectibles Cabin's Porcelain and Tackle 7-5/8"

312 Toy and Fabric Bag Assortment

313 Holiday Fine Shoes, Camille Weaver Souvenir Bat, Coaster Assortment

314 2 - Metal Light Fixtures 12.5" x 6.5"

315 Cat Rolley Polley Toy 10"H

316 Dish and Mirror Assortment inc. Edward Clarke

317 Fisher Price Tractor Pull Toy

318 Fisher Price Train Pull Toy

319 Fisher Price Little Snoopy Wooden Pull Toy

320 Fisher Price Cookie Pig Pull Toy

321 Don Julio Real Tequila Añejo Bottle 9" and Case 11"

322 Clockwork Wind-Up Chick Toy with Box

323 4 - Vintage Noisemakers 11"

324 2 - Wool Blankets

325 Wooden play blocks

325a 2 - Army Blankets

326 Sepia photographs

327 Hole punch, wall art, tea light candles, pitcher, sugar, door stop and candle jewelry

328 Silverware and kitchen utensils

329 Over-the-Door Hook, Desk Sign, Electric Heat Tape, Misc.

330 Flash bulbs and recording tape

331 Native American points, fossils and stones

332 Native American oints

333 Toby Mug, chip on bottom, 2.5" T

334 Toby Mug 5" T

335 Avon The Wright Brothers Mug 3" T

336 Toby Mug 2.5" T

337 Royal Doulton Toby Mug 2" T

338 Toby Mug 4"

339 Keloboro Wane Toby Mug 3" T

340 Toby Mug 3.5" T

341 Toby Mug 2" T

342 Toby Mug 3" T

343 Toby Mug 3" T

344 Toby Mug, Has Some Crazing, 2" T

345 Toby Mug 3" T

346 Wood & Sons Toby Mug 3.5"

347 Toby Mug 4"

348 Collector's Pieces 14 Toby Jugs Book

349 5 - Baseball books inc. Baseball Register, All-Time Baseball Records & World's Series Records from 1903-1954

350 Ball canning jar, teapot, oil lamp, plates, assorted glassware

351 Silver Plated Flatware, Can Opener, Wine Stopper, Plastic Organizer, Misc.

352 2 - Disney Mickey Mouse Glasses

353 Pressed Glass Seashell Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Stand

354 Pressed Glass Cruet with Tip

355 Hand Painted Windmill Salt and Pepper Shakers 2.5”

356 Memorabilia Assortment

357 Green Depression Glass Drapery Cameo Divided Plate

358 Espresso Glass Set, Gravy Boat, Mini Pine Tree Decor, Housewares & Home Decor

359 Teapot, Glass Candleholder, Stemware, Shakers, Power Strip, Christmas Decor, Home Decor, Glassware

360 2 - Pressed Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers 3.5”

361 2 - Spiral Pressed Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers, 3”

362 Pizzato Hand Made Chicken Pitcher

400 Necklaces, Rings, Charms and Earrings

401 Impulse Earrings, Necklaces, Charms, and Pins

402 Elegance Evans Makeup Box with House of Fuller Lipstick

403 Pier 1 Imports Art Glass Bracelet, 3”

404 Tin Jewelry Box, Button Pin, and Charms

405 Quartz Clock Necklace, Charms, Button Pins, Necklaces, and Earrings

406 Cuff Bracelets, Necklaces, and Ruffle Pins

407 Caesars Palace Water Resistant Stainless Steel, Model:CP209 Wrist Watch

408 10K Clasp-On Bracelet

409 18K Stainless Steel Bracelet

410 Cuff Bracelet and Layered Necklaces

411 Watch Clip-On Compass with Stainless Steel Back

412 35 Year Anniversary Disney Watches, Lighters, Ashtray, and 12 Curtain Hooks

413 Bracelets and Necklace Assortment

414 PowerGlide 1/2” Hammer Drill 4.0 AMP Motor, Model:60109800

415 Button Pins, Earrings, Wrist Watches and Necklaces

416 Set of 3 Original Version Star Wars Trilogy VHS Box Set-1995

417 3 - Geodes

418 Washington Forge Silver Plated Set inc. 5 Forks, 6 Spoons, 1 Butter Knife

419 Somerset Playing Cards, Crossword Lexicon Card Game, Playing Card Assortment

420 5 - WM Rodgers Serving Plates & Paul Revere Mixing Bowls

421 Parker Brothers Contack Game and 2 Sets of Playing Cards

422 Abingdon Pottery Art Deco Flared Ceramic Vase Flower Vase, blue 4”T

423 Woven Baset with lid 9”Dia and sewing assortment

424 Stemmed glass ware in assorted colors, chip on green glass on bottom, inc. 6 Sherbet dishes 5.5" T, 2 Anchor Hocking coffee cups 3.5" T & 2 Juice glasses 3.5”T

425 Polaroid Wink Light 4”H

426 Kodak Signet 50 Camera

427 Polaroid Land Camera, Model 95

428 Souvenir Conneaut Lake, PA. Trinket Glass Box

429 Photo Album, 7”x5”, Latches Broken

430 2 - Iridescent Flower Frogs

431 Dominoes Double Nine Game, Blackstone Canasta Playing Cards, Congress Playing Cards, and 2 Playing Card Games

432 Caricature The Wit & Humor of a Nation in Picture, Song, & Story Special Edition Book

433 Shawnee Pottery Chicken Mug

434 Falstaff Brewing Corp. Toby Mug

435 2 - Marigold Carnival Swirl Rib Glass Bowl and Marigold Carnival Glass Bowl

436 Green Ashtray Set of 3

437 Silver plated serving plate 12"

438 Vinyard Blessings Grape Vase 10" T x 7 " D

439 "Imperial Basket Vase USA

7"" T"

440 Hausabergmann privar ashtray 6"

441 2 - Ceramic Mad Anthony Beer Stein

442 4 - Brown barrel mugs 5" T

443 Duck planter 4" T

444 Union T Covered Casserole Serving Dish 12"D X 3"H

445 Ceramic Lilly Planter, has chips on bottom 6" T

446 Blue flowered glass table lamp 15" T x 5" D

447 4 - Glass Pitchers and drinking glass inc. Homer Laughlin & Shorter & Sons

448 RS Prussia Hand Painted Gold Pink Roses Hat Pin Holder 5- 1/2" T

449 Half moon pottery basket 11" T

450 Marcrest Swiss Chalet Sugar Bowl w/ Lid, has some crazing, 4" T

451 Texas ware dish set with 27 pc.

452 "Enamel White Blue Trim Covered Rectangle Refrigerator Pan w/Lid

12"" x 8"" has some chips"

453 Ceramic Vase 7" T

454 8 - Lighters inc. 6 Camel, 1 Sunflower Brand & 1 North American Van Lines

455 Vineyard Blessings Lisa White Serving Tray, 15”x6”, has chips

456 Glass Juice Pitcher

457 HolidayTime Vintage Village 10-Piece Porcelain Church, Church Only

458 Glass Juice Pitcher

459 Stainless Steel 8oz. Flask

460 2 Cards Against Humanity Card Games and Dirty Words Party Edition Card Game

461 Congress Playing Cards, American President Lines Playing Cards, and Hallmark Bridge “Old Mill Stream” Playing Cards

462 Yeti Professional USB Microphone

463 Button Assortment

464 Fisher-Price Toys My Family House

465 Fisher-Price Boat and Toys

466 Sears Craftsman 16” Variable Speed Scroll Saw, Model:113.236180

467 Speeches and Letters of George Washington, Websters Handy Dictionary, and Books

468 El Davison Pictures of Memory Book

469 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, and Book Assortment

470 Dream Children by Charles Lamb, A Dream of John Ball by William Morris, and Book Assortment

471 Evangeline Longfellow, Confessions of an Opium Eater by DeQunicey, and Book Assortment

500 2 - Horseshoes 7"

501 9 - Cranberry Plates, one chipped, 9"

502 Alexandra Pottery Teapot 6"H x 7"W

503 Warmer 9.5" Dia and Vintage Toaster

504 Flatware Set inc. 13 R & B Co. Forks, 6 Meriden Cutlery Butter Knives, 1 Bent Spoon

505 Flatware Set inc. 6 Meriden Cutlery Butter Knives, 1 Spoon, 1 Cheese Knife

506 Flatware Set inc. 6 Forks, 1 Clam Fork, 3 Tea Spoons, 3 Ladles, 1 Serving Spoon

507 2 - Juice Jars, 9"H and 8"H

508 2 - Porcelain Fruit Mugs

509 2 - Footed Cranberry Cut Glass 4.25"H x 5"Dia & Glass Ashtray, 6"W x 1.75"H

510 German Pocket Book with Contents inc. photos, maps, newspapers assortment, 10.25" x 14.25"

511 Serving Dish 12"W x 9"L x 2"H

512 Homer Laughlin Dish Set, some chips

513 Level 7" x 2" x 1"

514 Modele Depose Leather Pouch 2.75" x 4" x 1.25"

515 Aladdin Walt Disney World Thermos 6 75"H x 3"Diameter

516 Vintage Scrapbook, 10.5" X 6.5"

517 Mustang Electric Slicing Knife

518 Coleco Industries Gaming System, frayed wires

519 Turtle Puzzle Toy, 10" x 11.5"

520 3 - Glass Decanter 7"H & Shot Glasses

521 Strand Teapot 5"H x 9"W, chipped spout

522 Kodak Duaflex Camera 3" x 3" x 4.75"

523 Neil L. Boyersmith Funeral Home Thermometer 9" x 3", broken glass

524 Tabletop Skeeball Toy 12" x 12"

525 Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera

526 Vintage Sewing Kit

527 6 - Sterling Shakers, 1.5"H x 1"W

528 Sevres Serving Plate with Crazing 14" x 6.5"


529 Bracelet and Necklace assortment

530 Bracelets, necklaces and earring assortment with wooden pig 2.5”Tall

531 Brooche assortment and button covers

532 Bracelets, necklaces, and earring assortment

533 Dickens Collectables 1998 Porcelain Lighted House Victorian Series 8”Hx7”W

534 Avon The Gift Collection Chilly Sam Light Up Snowman 9.5”H

535 Clock Tower Village Collectables 11”x4”

536 "Knuckles Down" Marble Book by Cathy C. Runyan 9”x6”

537 Marble Assortment

538 Marble Assortment

539 Marble Assortment

540 Vintage Christmas Ornaments, 23 pieces, approximately 2-3”

541 Marble Assortment

542 Marble Assortment

543 Marble Assortment

544 Drink Stirrer Assortment

545 Marble Assortment

546 Marble Assortment

547 Marble Assortment with a Coca Cola .5¢ marble

548 Marble Assortment

549 Marble Assortment

550 Marble Assortment with .5¢ Coca-Cola marble

551 Wood Slat Crate with Lid 24”L x 12”D x 15.5”H, damage on corner

552 3 - Collector Plates Bradford Exchange “Den Mother”, Pemberton & Oaks “A Time for Peace” and Floral plate, all 8”

553 Jewelry Box with mirror 10”Lx8”Wx2”D

554 Decorative plate 20.5”

555 Rooster two piece porcelain canister 7”T

556 Hen & Rooster porcelain canister set 5”T

557 Hen and Rooster Porcelain Figurines - 4" & 5"

558 Vintage Sewing Supply Assortment

559 Glass Bowl 8.5”Diameter x 4.5”D

560 Red Enamel Coffee Percolator 8”Tall

561 2 - Floral Serving Porcelain Bowl with crazing & Blue Willow Bowl with damage - 10”diameter x2.5”Tall each

562 Post Cards, Basketball High School Tournament Tickets from 1936 & Marshfield & Co. Store Directory Envelope

563 2 - Kitty Planter 5”T & Chicken Pin Cushion

564 4 Sand Dollars, 4”& 3" & Empty Avon Indian Chiefton Box

565 Plastic watermelon dish set service of 8 & watermelon candle

566 Plastic salt and pepper shaker w/ Albion Production Credit Association Holder & plastic Black Americana salt shaker with paint loss 3.5”H

567 Sears Radio 6”x3” & Truetone Eight Transiter Radio 4”x3” top broken

568 Speedglad 3M Welding Helmet with bag and extra face shields

569 5 - Glass towel bars inc. clear 18” &15” & green glass towel bars 18”,18” & 15”

570 Tequila Esperanto Selection Bottle, Empty

600 Mixed Nuts 5 cent Machine, has key 16”x7.5”x7.5”

601 The Christian Brothers Wooden Box 13" x 17"

602 4 Native American Points & West Virginia Souvenir Wooden box 5-1/2" x 31/2"

603 Cast iron ship bookend 4" x 4"

604 Cut etched glass footed candy dish with lid

605 6-Compartment Wooden Display Box w/ 10 Fishing Lures 15" x 11"

606 Leather Trimmed Wicker Creel 13" x 9"

607 Pyrex Cake Dome 11"

608 Glass canister with lid 7" x 8"

609 Apple and pear teapot and sugar bowl with lid

610 Glass cake dome 12"

611 Enamel Roaster 16" x 10", Pie Pan 9-1/2" & Strainer 10" missing handle

612 3 - Etched Glass Fruit Bowl and Goblets 8" T

613 2 - Fire King ovenware serving dish 12" x 9" & glass bowl 8"

614 Milk glass fish dish 9-1/2" x 6"

615 Wine Wood Box with Tassels 17" x 5"

616 "Vintage Red Metal Lunch Box Bulldog Grip Handle Oval Removable Lid

8"" x 4"""

617 "Hollywood Divided Platter/Tray


618 Pewter Pitcher 12"

619 Glass "tortoise" sphere vase 6" x 5"

620 Tin Bunny and Squirrel Toys

621 Pecking Chickens Tin Mechanical Toy

622 3 - Tin Toys inc. Santa Claus, Duck and Spinning Top

623 Polaroid automatic 250 land camera with case and flash

624 Hopping Bird Wind-Up Tin Toy 4.5"

625 "Mechanical Windup Rabbit Toy


626 2 - Tin Windup Toys: Dog and Mouse

627 Tin and plastic rabbit on a bike wind up toy

628 Jack Daniel's Decanter 13" T

629 Zig zag comic express windup toy train 11" L

630 Tin Peggy Jane windup boat 15" L

631 31 Day Mantle Clock, has key, 20" x 8"

632 Nicole Miller Home Mantle Clock 14" x 10"

633 7 - Mini glass jars

634 Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red Salt and Pepper Shakers 4 1/2''

635 Ceramic Pumpkin 6"H x 8"Diameter

636 Lady Figure Brass Bell, 3.5"H x 3.5"Wide

637 Cow Bell, 4" x 6" x 2.5" small crack

638 Cow Bell, 5" x 7" x 4"

639 ERTL Ford's First Delivery Car Bank Metal 5" x 4" x 3" has key

640 2 - Green Glass Bowls, 5" and 9"

641 Glass Kerosene Jar 10"H x 8"Diameter

642 Hutschenreuther Linda Rennecker Serving Platter 12.5" x 9.25"

643 Steubenville Russel Wright Plate 13"

644 6 - Conservo Half Pint Chocolate Milk Jar, Wanzer Half Pint Jar, Ball Jar Size 1 with Lid, Liberty Bell Jar, Flour Shaker Jar & Jar Canister

645 3 - Userve One Quart Jar, David's Dairy One Quart Jar & Mope Farms One Quart Jar

646 Table Lamp with Glass Grapes Shade, works, 24"H

647 Fitz and Floyd Classics Pear Platter 17" x 8.5"

648 3 - Fort Wayne Dairy Company Pint Jar & Weaver Quality Blue Ribbon Products Pint Jars

649 Cake Platter Cut Glass 5.5"H x 12"Diameter

650 Green Glass Serving Dish 12" x 9" x 1.5"

651 Leonard Silverplate 12" and Rogers Bros. Serving Spoon 9"

652 Pottery Pitcher 6"H chip on handle

653 Green Glass Fish Jar 13" x 4" x 2"

654 Delft Holland Trinket Dish with lid and crazing 6" x 6" x 2"

655 3 - Spice Shakers with Crazing 3" x 1.25" x 2.5"

656 Lead Etched Vase 6.5"W x 9"H x 2.5"L

657 Glass bowl with chips 9”W x 4.5”H

658 Carved wooden container with lid 8” H x 3” diameter

659 Quartz veneer shelf clock, with crack, battery operated, 14”Hx9”Wx5”

660 Silver Star award 15”x 12”, Hartford City Telegram book from 1905 in fragile condition 21.5”x15”, Framed Bobby Knight “Anger Control” 1978-79 - 8x10, Framed Vince Lombardi NFL Super Bowl XLI trophy photo 8x10 & Framed Native American photo 5x7

661 2 - Chalk art figurines with paint loss 6” Tall

662 Green northwood iridescent tree trunk carnival glass vase 10"

663 Resin golfer statue 21” Tall

664 Park Lame pure virgin wool suit - grey jacket and pants - pants inseam size 27.5” waist approximately 36”, Jacket shoulder to shoulder 18.5” , length 28”

665 Kenmore 16 stitch sewing machine, powers on, comes with instruction manual, foot peddles, bobbins and feet, 15”Lx11”H

666 Platter, Dishes, Christmas Decorations & Misc.

667 Place mats, blankets and sheets, houseware assortment

668 Home Essentials 6 Glasses 16 oz, VHS movies, iron and stereo parts

669 Longaberger Picnic Basket 16.5”Wx10”Hx 13.5” D

670 Craftsman 3/4” Stroke Scroller Saw and Case

671 Wooden Chest 17.5”W x 13”H x 13”D

700 6 - Military wool blankets, bath towel, pillow cases

701 Decorative purs 5 "

702 Zippo lighter kit with JR engraving

703 Waltham Pocket Watch, cannot get back off

704 Military certificates, foreign currency, suede change purse, mini pocket watch, money holder, leather belt strap, collector stamps, match book

705 Tie clips, lapel pins, watches, match book, Swiss gear pliers, hammer, pipe, rings

707 Wooden sanding block

708 2 - Pocket Knives

709 Shaving Kit

710 Fossil Wrist Watch

711 Military pins, keys and stamp block in jewelry box 10" x 7"

712 Military patches, lock, letter opener, pouch and pins

713 Leather 2 photo frame clock

714 Pins, photo pamphlet, Bulova wrist watch and zippo lighter in leather box 6" x 2"

715 Dietzgen national drawing instruments

716 3 - Brass trinket dish & tin decor pieces

717 Eagle pin and Early American by Anson cufflinks

718 Set of 3 keys with ring

719 Vintage newspapers

720 Stamp kit

721 Gunpowder horn decor

722 International harvester wrist watch

723 Whip 29"

724 3 - Wool military blankets and comforter

725 48 Star American Flag, Canteen with Bag & holster

726 Military tent, hats and handkerchiefs

726a Oklahoma Gift pillow satin rayon ready to fill pillow cover 11" x 11"

727 3 - Military duffle bags and laundry bag

728 Military jacket size 36R and hat

729 Military shirts size 34R and thermal underwear set size 32

730 Buck rug 45" x 73"

731 Military shirt size 36R and jacket size 38R

732 Saga fox fur coat size large

733 Cape and hat

734 3 - Table cloth and blankets

735 Plastic fruit, books, Benny hills VHS tapes, Christmas decor

736 Sewing patterns, books, oil lamps, lightbulbs, Craftsman detail sander, tools, hardware

737 Novel Assortment

738 Wine holders, platter, wooden box, 2-in wall speakers, Christmas decor, household misc.

739 Tackle box and tackle

740 Books, paper towel holder, dishes, pitchers, tin, boots

800 Toby Mug 3.5"

801 Toby Mug 6"

802 Toby Mug 7"

803 Toby Mug, 10”

804 Allertons Toby Mug, 4.5”

805 Czecho Slovakia Toby Mug 7"

806 royal Doulton "Monty" Toby Mug, 5.5”

807 Toby Mug, 9”

808 J. Bull Toby Mug 5"

809 Toby Mug 5"

810 Toby Mug 6"

811 Schieffelin & Co. Toby Mug 8.5"

812 Hand Painted Toby Mug, 5”

813 Toby Mug, 6”

814 Rockingham Harber 1840 Toby Mug, 4.5”

815 Toby Mug, 8”

816 Toby Mug, 4.5”

817 Toby Mug, 5”

818 Toby Mug, 5”

819 Pottery Face Mug 3"

820 2 - Wooden Mugs 7" & 6"

821 Decorative Light Up Snowman 18”

822 Holiday Designs Toby Mug 5"

823 The Hallicrafters HT-32 Tube Ham Radio Transmitter

824 Handheld Brushes and Case

825 Argus C3 35mm Camera 5.5", broken case strap

826 Fire King Baking Dish with Lid, 8”x3

827 Set of 2 Federal Clear Glass Refrigerator Dish with Lid, Cracked Under Lid, 8”x8”x3” and 4”x4”x3”

(Video) Packed FULL tool locker! Paid just $25 at the storage auction and it looks like a handyman owned it.

828 The Pampered Chef 2QT Batter Bowl

829 Regal Supreme Pitcher and 2 cups, Copper- 8"x6" & 4.5"x2.5"

830 Clear Etched Glass Covered Butter Dish, 9”x3”

831 Porcelain Pitcher with Wash Bowl Crazing (Has Chip)

832 Porcelain Clock, has small cracks, 8"x8"

833 Porcelain Pitcher with Wash Bowl with Crazing, chipped

834 8 - Walakoneta Astronaut Neil Armstrong Glasses

835 Faux Leather Wine Bottle Tote (15x5inches)

836 No Hear, No See, No Speak 3 Piece Frog Decor

837 Akro Agate Cobalt Blue Vase

839 Metal Kettle 13"x10.5"

840 Pink depression glass starburst platter, divided plate

841 Keller & Guerin French Flow Blue Pitcher, chipped

842 Green Glass Pitcher

843 Large enamel pitcher

844 Yellow Porcelain flower vase, has small crack at top, 9.5"x6.5"

846 Wooden Duck 14.5"x5.5"

847 Wooden Duck 13"x5.5"

848 Wooden Duck 13"x 5.5"

849 Wooden Duck 12"x5.5"

850 Wooden Duck 9.5"x5.5"

851 Wooden Duck 15.5"x6"

852 Wooden Duck 8"x3.5"

853 Wooden Duck 12"x6.5"

854 Bronze Duck Bookends 6"x4"

855 Cast Iron Piggy Bank 7"x3"

856 Aluminum Snapping Turtle Mechanical Ashtray, 8”

857 Oil Lamp, 12”

858 Socket set and case

859 Cast Iron Bookends

860 Brass Basset Hound, Casr Iron Dog Pen Holder, and Cast Iron Dog Figurine

861 Cast Iron Chair and Deer

862 Black Americana Figurines

863 Craftsman 3650 Miter Box with Saw

864 Skil 3/8” Electric Double-Insulated Drill Model:6225 and Black & Decker Home-Utility 1/2” Electric Drill

865 Wooden Recipe Box with Recipes

866 Small wooden chest, medical patch, metal picture, Red Cross medical card 1952, key, 2 feathers

867 3 - Yearbooks

868 Quilt 88”x69-1/2”

869 Quilt 96”x75”

870 Quilt 80”x68”

871 Quilt 85”x67”

873 Hats, Board Games, Kitchenware, Tools, Misc.

874 5 Rag Rugs, Photo Albums, and Electronic Assortment

875 Ceiling Light Covers, Linens, Candle Holders, Roaster Pan, Misc.

876 Kitchen Dishes, Plate Baskets, Books and Household Decorations

877 Bosch 18V Cordless Drill, Model:33618 with Charger and 3 Batteries

878 Books and Record Player Disks

879 Welding Masks, Tool Assortment, Halogen Light HL-300Q, Decor

900 The Cunard Steamship Company Limited Playing Cards and 2 Selected Natural Color Photos of The Hermitage and Lincoln’s Birthplace

901 12pc Shiny Brite Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments, 1”

902 American Flag Picnic Basket, 17”x11”x4-1/2”

903 Set of Four Williams-Sonoma La Mer Place Mats, 16”x12”

904 Kenner SSP Citgo Mini Green AM Racer Car

905 2 - Sugar and Tea Tin Cans, 6”x4” and 7”x6”

906 Seyferts Potato Chip Tin Can, 11-1/2”x7-1/2”

907 Seyferts Potato Chip Tin Can, 11-1/2”x7-1/2”

908 Golden Belle Potato Chip Tin Can, 11-1/2”x7-1/2”

909 HopaLong Cassidy Potato Chip Tin Can, 11”x7-1/2”

910 Costume Jewelry Assortment and Figurines

911 Valdez Cigar Box & Hi-Co Cigar Box, 8”x7”x1.5” and 4.5”x5.5”x1.5”

912 Cuesta Rey Cigar English Market Selection No.95 Box, 9.5x7x2in

913 Drueke Cribbage Board 11inch & Leather Blade Sharpener

914 Pink Jeannette Glass Deer Powder box 6” and two pink glasses, 3.5x2.5 3x2.5

915 Barsotti 1969 Certaldo Decanter

916 Galileo Thermometer 17" Tall

917 2 - Bradley Wrapper 1990 Cigar Box 8.5x7.5x2 & Jose Melendi Cigar Box 10x8x2

918 Valdez Cadlidad Suprema Cigar Box 11x8.5x2.5

919 RP Olde World Reserve Latched Cigar Box 11.5x8x4

920 2 - Teddy Bears 24"

921 Military/Sports Memorabilia and certificates

922 The Rambler Wooden Pinball Game, not complete (23.5inches)

923 4 - Metal Tins

924 3 - Red strip bottle & soda cans

925 Black Moor Head Plaster Sculpture, chip on top 14inches

926 3 - Tins inc. Cream of Wheat, Chesty Popcorn & Sailboat

927 2 - Premium Cracker Tins 9.5x6

928 Decanter Lid, has chips 4”

929 Alexander Backer Chalkware Statuette 16"

930 Pieta Italian Vintage Jesus Christ and Virgin Mother Mary Statue – Collectible Classic Figure - Made in Italy- Alabaster figurine 8"x7"

931 Kitchen Aid 10 Speed Mixer, Harvest Gold, Broken Knob works

932 Kitchen Aid Ultra Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, model:Ksm90, 5 attachments works

933 Angel Sculpture 14"

934 2 - Artist signed framed photos 19.5"x12"

935 Wooden Bread Box 16x8x6

936 Copper Tub 23x13.5

937 Stamp Collection, Approx. 35

938 1995 Commemorative Stamp Collection Book & Stamps

939 1995 Commemorative Stamp Collection Book & Stamps (Sealed)

940 Commemorative Stamp Collection 1994

941 Commemorative Stamp Collection 1994

942 Commemorative Stamp Yearbook 1999

943 Commemorative Stamp Yearbook 1999

944 Commemorative Stamp Yearbook 2000

945 Commemorative Stamp Yearbook 2000

946 Commemorative Stamp Collection 1996

947 Commemorative Stamp Collection 1996

948 Electronics, Tins, Books, A-Tapes, Wall Decor, Misc.

949 Doilies, Bedding, Fall & Home Decor

950 Picture Frames, Christmas Decorations, Thermal Pot, Misc.

951 Tins, Kitchenware, Linens, Wooden Wall Shelf, Glassware, Decor

952 Kitchenware, Books, Decorations, Board Games, Figurines, Wire Basket, Misc.

1000 Fishing Tackle Assortment

1001 Measuring Cups, Party Life Candle Holder, Candles, Shakers, Figurines Assortment, Linen, Misc.

1002 Fishing Tackle Assortment

1003 Oren-O-Matic Fly Rod Reel South Bend

1004 Rapala Collectibles Collector Series Mug includes Rapala Lure

1005 Rapala Collectibles Collector Series Mug includes Rapala Lure

1006 Rapala Collectibles Collector Series Mug includes Rapala Lure

1007 Rapala Collectibles Collector Series Mug includes Rapala Lure

1008 Rapala Collectibles Collector Series Mug includes Rapala Lure

1009 Rapala Collectibles Collector Series Mug includes Rapala Lure

1010 Belt, Patches, Watches, Wallet, Card Assortment

1011 Cookie Cutter Assortment

1012 Silver Plated Dish and Flatware Assortment

1013 Shower Curtain, Kitchen Decor, Shells Assortment

1014 Fishing Reel Assortment

1016 Silver Plated Flatware Assortment

1017 Brochures and 8 Track Tapes

1018 Easter Decor & Toy Assortment

1019 Hand Tools, Rulers

1020 Salt and Pepper Shakers, Figurines, Household Decor Assortment

1021 5 - Fishing Reels

1022 Vintage Curling Iron, Figurines, Picture Frame, Wine Corks

1023 Drinking Glasses, Mugs, Candle Holders

1024 Sand Dollars, Shell, Decor Assortment

1025 Decor, Knobs, Glass Assortment, Utensil Assortment

1026 8 Fostoria Footed Cups, Candle Holders, 9 Dessert Dishes

1027 8 Nestle World Grid Mugs, 2 Cruets, Covered Candy Dish

1028 4 Mugs, Glass Juicer, Divided Dish

1029 Mugs, Stemware, Bar Ware

1030 Stemware, Margarita Glasses, Coffee Cups

1031 Mugs and Glass Assortment

1032 Vintage Photos, Maps, and Postcard Assortment

1033 Hardware Assortment, Door Knob Kit, Pet Training Collar, Playing Cards

1034 Topiary, Home Decor Assortment, Floral Arrangements

1035 CD and bag assortment, picture frame assortment

1036 Plano tackle box 19” x 9” x 13”

1037 Wicker basket, ornate wall shelf 22”, candle holders, glassware

1038 Kitchen faucet, figurines, 7Up bottles, vases

1039 Air Mattress, Bedding, Flower Vases, Glassware

1040 Hardware, Decor, Serving Trays

1100 Ruby Red Fostoria Creamer and Sugar Dish 4”

1101 Tin Watering Can 7”

1102 Pink Glass Vase 7” & Footed Candy Dish 6”

1103 Pottery Pitcher 9”

1104 Cookie Jiffy Roller with Tru-Temp Cooking Thermometer

1105 Covered candy Dish 5”, Sunsweet Green Glass Bottle 7” and Bunte Chicago Glass Jar 5”

1106 4 - Decorative Glass Candle Holders

1107 Butterfly Wing Wall Art 10”x8” & Teddy Bear Toy Sing 14”x20”

1108 Enamel Cooking pan 10”, enamel Cooking Pot 7”

1109 Cross stitch Wall art 12”x11”

1110 Tin Can assortment Quantity 5

1111 Bruce Fox Design Corn Tray 14”

1112 Peoria Pottery 9”

1113 Blue Hobnail Vase 10”

1114 Paint on canvas framed artist signed Wall art 21”x17”

1115 Cabbage Card Seed Bucket 9”

1116 Vintage Wall Light 8” with 3-5” Plate Holders

1117 Plush animals and Figurines Assortment

1118 Fishing decor

1119 Doll Clothes

1120 2- oil on canvas 8”x10”, 5”x6” framed prints

1121 Soap dish, cologne Box and Glassware Assortment

1122 2 Aprons one soiled

1123 Hat Box 12”

1124 Glass Bottle quantity 6

1125 6Pc Croquet Set 24”

1126 Pottery native american hand painted Wall Art 20”

1127 Door knobs, door hardware, canning jars, sheet music, magizines

1130 Mens and womens ice skate assortment and wrought iron plate holders (4)

1131 Lace and edging craft brochures, Better Homes and Gardens magazine dated May 1929, and assortment

1132 Baskets, figurines , books and assortment

1133 Fossils, Geodes, Paperweight, Metal Ashtray Assortment

1134 Wooden Sconces, Glass Globes, Figurines Assortment

1135 Teacup and Saucer, 8 Plates 10", 7 Saucers 6", Chicken and Rooster Figurines, Sewing Supplies in Tin

1136 September 16, 2001 Newspaper, Yarn Clown, Wooden Marionette, Assortment

1137 Drill Bits

1138 Drinking Glasses, Wine Glasses Goblets

1139 Holiday Goblets, Glasses Assortment

1140 Book/CD assortment and Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 4th Generation SQ46CW 7" 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet

1141 Pampered Chef pan, angel food cake pan and assorted housewares

1142 Home decor assortment

1143 Throw pillow, placemats, picture frame, candle sticks and assorted home decor, paper shredder

1200 Royster Potato Bags Quantity 5

1201 B.D Davis Rail Road Tool

(Video) Sell It All! | Turn Fun, Fabulous Antiques & Vintage Into Profit

1202 Coca Cola tin Sign 16”x11”

1203 Date spikes quantity 30

1204 Book and Magazine Assortment

1205 Coca Cola Tatum tray 11”x15”

1206 Plush Coca Cola Animal Assortment

1207 Coca Cola Tin tray 11”x13”

1208 Rubber Gaskets Unknown Amount

1209 Presto Cooker 4Qt

1210 Milk Jugs Quantity 5

1211 Glass Bottles Assortment Quantity 7

1212 Zinc Cap with Ball Mason Jar Lid Assortment

1213 2 Coca Cola Bear Igloo Decorations 5” one missing globe

1214 Hardee Coca Cola Collectible Snow Globe 3”

1215 Ball and Mason Jars Assortment Quantity 3

1216 Sig Sauer Pistol Case with HK Pistol Case

1217 Coca Cola Glass Wall Art 7”

1218 Uncle Mikes Side Kick Holster with 2 Gun Lock cables

1219 Marble Quantity 18 with one Shooter

1220 Glass Insulators 4” Quantity 3

1221 Glass Insulator assortment

1222 Hand Clamp 4” with Table Clamp 5”

1223 Genuine Venetian Glass Murano Italy Glass And Metal Pitcher 11”one Has A Crack

1224 Ball and Mason Jar Assortment

1225 Unopened Houston harvest Coca Cola Tins Quantity 2

1226 3 Ball and Mason Jars

1227 Coca Cola Tin Tray 15”

1228 Movie Classic Tin Cans Quantity 2

1229 Coca Cola Tin Tray 10”x13”

1230 Lightning Rods 20” Quantity 3

1231 Ball mason Jars Assortment

1232 10” crock dish with lid, Ceramic Vase 7”x6”

1233 Glassware Assortment

1234 Lamps, Lamp shades and glassware Assortment

1235 Everlasting UltraSonic Humidifier with Records and Light Fixture

1236 Glassware Assortment

1237 Glassware Assortment

1238 Blenko amber glass owl 7" T x 5-1/2" W x 1-1/2" D

1239 FTD purple Iris block fused flower vase 7" T x 5" W x 3" D

1240 Native American pottery wedding vase 6" T 4" W and native American fur and feathered basket 12" T x 12" W x 10" D

1241 Indiana glass green relish dish 8"

1242 2- glass serving dishes and 2 wooden salad bowls

1243 Ruby red glass urn 18" T x 6" W

1244 4- Coffee cups and home decor

1245 Cast-iron rooster 11" T x 9 " W

1246 Framed Stainded glass 18" x 12"

1247 Siver plated table lamp 14" T

1248 Ruby red candle stick lamp 20" T x 10" W

1249 Hanging lantern multi- colored 15" T x 7" W

1250 Houseware and book assortment

1251 Fabric, books, housewares and Christmas assortment

1252 Housewares assortment

1253 Sewing supplies, and gourd

1300 Samsonite makeup case 13" W x 9" T x 8" D

1301 3- pc. Copper pot set 5" , 6-1/2" and 8" pot with lid

1303 3- brown glass medicine bottles 10" ,8" and 7" tall

1304 2 - glass bottles 10" and 8" Tall

1305 Carlson dolls apache brave doll 6" T and plastic nun doll 12" T

1306 Clay pumpkin 12" T x 10" W

1307 Glass Lettuce dish made in Germany 4" T

1308 Hand painted porcelain egg 5" W x 3" T

1309 Glass jug 5" T x 4" W

1310 2- tin canisters

1311 H M S Bounty ship 20" T x 21" W

1312 Underwood portable typewriter

1313 "Nantucket Wall Decor Ceramic Bill Letter Mail Holder Peacock Floral Motif

9-1/2"" W x 8-1/2"" T"

1314 "Triangle Shaped Planter/Wall Pocket/Vase Birds Flowers Leaves

8-1/2"" T 4-1/2"" W"

1315 3- pair baby shoes

1316 Baby clothes' hanger and afghan

1317 Cake carrier 12" W x 8" T

1318 Baby boots and shoes

1319 Leather Baby boots

1320 Alabaster folding picture frame 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" folded

1321 Basalt glass tea pot 3" T x 5" W

1322 "McCoy Pottery Pink Planter / Mid Dogwood Flowers Spring Wood Line

8"" x 5"""

1323 "McCoy Pottery Pink Planter / Mid Century Pottery / Dogwood Flowers Spring Wood Line

6"" D x 3-1/2""T"

1324 MCCoy pottery pinecone planter window box 8" W x 3"

1325 MCCoy pottery pinecone planter window bowl 6- 1/2" W x 4" T

1326 Taylor Smith Taylor Reveille Dinner Plates - Rooster - 10 inch

1327 Pottery vessel multi colored 13" T

1328 Blessed with laughter water pitcher 6" T

1329 2- Porcelain Raised pink and red pink flower Trinket Box5" W x 2" lid has been broken and glued

1330 Little Bo Peep Style Pink Planter/Vase 10" W x 7"T

1331 "Capodimonte Floral Vase

Has some chipping on flower's 12"" T x 6"" D"

1332 Capodimonte Floral Vase 12" T x 6" D

1333 "Capodimonte Italian Pottery Trinket Box

6"" x 4"""

1334 McCoy Pottery Dutch shoe planter 8" x 4"

1335 "Hull Pottery Magnolia Vase

11"" T x 7"" D has a crack in the lip"

1336 Hull Pottery Magnolia Vase 11" T x 7" D

1337 "McCoy Springwood Jardiniere - Matte White/Purple Dogwood

11"" W x 7"" T"

1338 Green and white face pitcher 5" T

1339 "Hull USA Magnolia Double Cornucopia Vase

13"" W x 8"" T"

1340 Vintage Hull pottery art Magnolia Urn Mantle Vase Pink To Yellow To Blue 8-1/2"

1341 "McCoy White Swan Vase

9"" x 7"""

1342 "Royal Haeger Cream Swan Planter Vase 12” T.

Has some chipping"

1343 2- crock pieces has chips

1344 Ceramic vase 6" T

1345 "Hull Magnolia Double Handled Pink and Blue Vase

7"" T"

1346 "Marietta Pottery Co Ceramic Basket Vase

9"" T"

1347 Donkey Salt & Pepper Shaker Set 6" T

1348 Hull Pottery Art pitcher yellow Magnolia flower pink blue pottery 5"

1349 "2- Hull Pottery Cornucopia Vase

6"" T"

1350 Biscotti made in China hand painted11" T has chip in lid

1351 Child's fur coat collar

1352 "Anchor Hocking Salt & Pepper Shakers


1353 Jin Fong vase multi color 9" T x 4" W

1354 Ceramic pot has crazing 4" T

1355 Jeanette Glass Jennyware Ribbed Creamer Sugar Hobnail Tray Set w Gold Trim

1356 2- framed pictures 12" x 14"

1357 Golf iron shadowbox 12" x 24"

1358 CCM Champion Deluxe ice skates size 7

1359 Hand painted on glass picture 15" x 13"

1360 Framed bald eagle 1/12 Marilyn Kimble signed 15" x 12"

1361 Stained glass wall hanging 16-1/2"

1362 Lamb of God painted glass wall art14"

1363 Stained glass wall hanging 13" x 13"

1364 Crock jug 7" x 9" missing cork

1365 Crock jug 13" x 10" has chips

1366 Crock 4, 12" T x 11-1/2"D

1367 Crock #10 17-1/2" T x 15"D

1368 Handled crock #15 20-1/2" T x 16" D

1369 2 formal dresses size 8

1370 Lined drapes 69" wide

1371 Antique hangers and blanket

1372 Kitchenwares assortment

1374 Metal tackle box, metal tool boxes and misc metal boxes

1375 Game assortment

1376 Tool and hardware assortment, wooden trays and prints assortment

1377 Christmas decor assortment

1378 Assorted plates and drink ware

1379 House ware assortment, Home decor

1380 Book assortment

1381 Dish and drink ware assortment, and house wares

1382 Pair of wall sconces, pair of light pendants

1400 Coca Cola Thermometer 12”

1401 Lighter and Pipe Assortment

1402 Jewelry Assortment

1403 Ammo Ammunition .380 auto 50 Cartridges

1404 Jewelry Assortment

1405 Polished Stone wall Art 9”x12”

1406 2 Duck Decoys 13”

1407 7 Fishing Lures

1408 Jello molds, metal wall art, bell

1409 lamp Shade Assortment Quantity 4

1410 Milk glass egg plate, footed candy dish, glass devided dish

1411 2 galvanized wall sconces 9”

1412 9 Point Deer Antler

1413 7 Point Deer Antler broken

1414 Schylling Toys Tin Carousel with Ohio Toys Tin Top

1415 2 Dream Catchers 5”,4”

1416 Souvenir Spoons 17 count, wooden display 19”x10”

1417 Flipper Tin lunch Box 9”x4”x7”

1418 Japan Figurine 2 oil handle holders, porcelain doll

1419 Carnival Glass Candies Dish 5” Quantity 2

1420 Jeannette Ultramarine Swirl Teal Depression Glass Double Candlestick Pair 5”

1421 Glass dresser jar 5”

1422 Cast iron Lion Bank 5”

1423 Sequins Beaded multi color Chain Purse

1424 Vintage Metal Scale

1425 Wooden plant Stand With table Cloth 26”x11”x11”

1426 Glass Mason Jars, Decorative Box 20”, Stuffed Snow Man and home Decor Assortment

1427 Michael Kimble Artist signed prints 25”x19” Quantity 2

1428 Wall Art Assortment quantity 3

1430 Picture Frame Assortment Quantity 6 23”x28”, 14”x17”,2-11”x14”,9”x11”, 18”x22”

1800 Wooden drop leaf Table 57”L x 42”W x 29”H has wear on top

1801 Magnavox Record player Stereo 36”W x 19”H x 34”H scratches

1802 Trunk, Stuck Closed missing handles 40”x 20”x15”

1803 Honda GX 270 16.2PPC, 8 Gallon gas Air Compressor works

1804 Leather library chair 28”x30” has scratches

1805 Wooden Dining Table with 1 Leaf Has Some Damage on the bottom 62”x42”x30”

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How do I know if my Toby Jug is valuable? ›

Yes, very old Toby Jugs- from around 1760-1800 are the only ones holding their value.

Is there a market for Toby Jugs? ›

Toby Jugs are sought-after estate sale collectibles, for the value they bring to homes and the high prices they fetch at auction.

How do you identify a Toby Jug? ›

How to tell if a Toby Jug is Valuable.
  • Take a look at the colour, bright colours are normally late 19 century, but biscuit colours point to an older jug.
  • Look at the thickness of the moulding, the thicker the moulding, the newer the jug.
  • Look at the base, and if he has hollow feet, then almost certain before 1840.
Dec 27, 2016

How many Toby mugs are there? ›

Seventy-one years later, Mullins displays more than 8,000 of the jugs at the American Toby Jug Museum in this lakeside suburb north of Chicago. The jugs, some going as far back as the 18th century and other as recent as the “Black Panther” film, are commonly referred to as Toby Jugs.

What is the most sought after Toby Jugs? ›

Thin Man - Considered one of the most coveted Toby Jugs, this one is known for its character's slightness/thinness. The Squire - A seated man with a thin appearance and a pipe in one hand with a jug in the other.

What is the most sought after Royal Doulton? ›

La Victoire Crowing Cockerel (Most Rare)

The renowned designer John Broad included his initials on the base of the figurine rather than the standard Royal Doulton stamp, marking this out as a rare and highly sought-after model for collectors.

What are the different types of Toby Jugs? ›

In addition to the Ordinary Toby, other popular Jugs from the 18th and early 19th centuries are the Thin Man, Squire, Hearty Goodfellow, Sailor, Man on a Barrel, Lord Howe, Collier, Drunken Sal, Gin Woman and Martha Gunn.

How many Royal Doulton Toby Jugs are there? ›

The most comprehensive book available on Royal Doulton character and Toby jugs. Lavishly illustrated with 1,760 large photos of more than 800 separate jugs and derivatives. The scope, details and pictorial abundance set this book apart from any other reference on the subject.

Why are Toby Jugs called Toby Jugs? ›

The general consensus is that Toby Jugs were named for an 18th-century Yorkshire man who got the nickname Toby Fillpot after he drank 2,000 pints of Yorkshire stingo (ale). A Toby Jug is a figural ceramic pitcher modeled in the form of a popular character, historical, fictional or generic. It can be a person or animal.

What is the difference between a Toby Jug and a Toby mug? ›

Toby and Character Jugs — Similar, But Different

1 Quite often figural ceramic items of this style are referred to as Toby pitchers or jugs. However, the definition of a Toby is a ceramic figure in full body. Whereas figural examples featuring just the head, face and shoulders are Character jugs and pitchers.

What are jugs with faces called? ›

A Toby Jug, also sometimes known as a Fillpot (or Philpot), is a pottery jug in the form of a seated person, or the head of a recognizable person.

What is a spirit jug? ›

It is a general term for a vessel whose surface is adorned with an assortment of broken china, glass shards, and small objects, especially items associated with a dead person. They are also called forget-me-not jugs, mourning jugs, memory vessels, spirit jars, whatnot jars, ugly jugs, and whimsy jars.

What are the most expensive mugs? ›

Nestle Thai Ltd. The most valuable mug was made from 23 carat gold and bought for 1,000,023 Thai Baht (£17,293, $33,842) by Nestlé Thai Ltd. on 9 January 2008.

What is the most popular mug in the world? ›

The ceramic mug is the most popular worldwide because it is more than just a pretty design. The ceramic mug is practical, durable, and performs well in every category, making it a top-rated mug.

What are the black dots inside mugs? ›

Those black dots are the supporting points of the glass gall. It's normal and safe.

When were the first Toby Jugs created who designed them and what did they look like? ›

Toby Jugs originated in the 18th century from the Staffordshire Potteries in England. The first Toby Jug was made by Ralph Wood I (1715-1772) of Burslem and later by his son Ralph Wood II. Jugs which depicted a human figure, or just the head and shoulders of a figure, are referred to as Toby Jugs.

How do I identify my Royal Doulton pattern? ›

The best way to identify your Royal Doulton is through examining the markings on the bottom of the pieces. These markings are used to distinguish the decade and the value of the pottery. The markings vary because of the illustrious and changing nature of the Royal Doulton business.

What is the most collectable porcelain? ›

Meissen Figurines

Meissen is a name synonymous with high quality, which is why its porcelain is highly valued and collectable. Early figurines are especially collectable, although they also come with a high price tag.

What does HN mean on Royal Doulton? ›

This is a list of list of Royal Doulton figurines in ascending order by HN number. HN is named after Harry Nixon (1886–1955), head of the Royal Doulton painting department who joined Doulton in 1900.

Why are jugs called jugs? ›

Etymology. The word jug is first recorded in the late 15th century as jugge or jubbe. It is of unknown origin, but perhaps comes from jug a term for a maidservant, in the same period. This in turn comes from the alteration of common personal names such as Joan or Judith.

What is a Toby Jug slang? ›

Toby Jug is Cockney slang for Mug.

Is Royal Doulton pottery worth anything? ›

Their extremely collectable nature means that Royal Doulton prototype pieces often command high prices at auction, as determined collectors compete for these rarities to add to their collections.

How much are the Beatles Toby Jugs worth? ›

Toby Jugs: The four Beatles mugs that sold for £6,000 | This is Money.

What is the difference between Doulton and Royal Doulton? ›

Doulton and Royal Doulton are names synonymous with British ceramics. The brand is a huge subject to discuss comprehensively and one could own a library of books with many subsections. The Doulton story is one of two parts; the company started in 1815 in Vauxhall, London followed by a location in Lambeth.

Who was the original Toby? ›

The original name “Toby” is somewhat obscure, but most likely comes from the, possibly apocryphal, legendary boozer Henry Ewles, nicknamed “Toby Philpot” for his enormous consumption of stingo (as detailed in the panel to the left of the mezzotint print at the entrance to the Museum).

What is an English Toby? ›

In pottery: 18th-century developments. … noted for the typical English Toby jug (first made soon after 1700), which is a beer jug in the form of a man, usually seated and holding a pipe and a mug, the hat (where present) forming a detachable lid. Very popular, it continued in production for many years.

What does a girl with jugs mean? ›

Jugs, a slang term for women's breasts, especially large ones.

What is a lip in a jug? ›

Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

Lip is the indented part at the edge of the neck of a jug, from where the liquid when poured, runs out. Made when clay is soft by pulling the part down and outwards with your finger, giving it the size and shape required.

Why are face jugs important? ›

Face jugs were fully functional pieces that served the practical purpose of holding and pouring liquid. Various slave owner accounts hold that African-American slaves would use their face jugs to carry water into the fields with them.

What is a bear jug? ›

Pottery jug shaped like a bear, which in some examples holds a dog in a posture meant to suggest bear-baiting.

What does moonshine jug mean? ›

Simply put, the X marking indicated how many times that particular batch of moonshine was distilled. Three X's meant that the moonshine had been run through the still three times, making it the closest you could get to pure alcohol. XXX = the really good stuff. The Reason for the Mason Jar.

What is the mouth of a jug called? ›

Bore (Orifice, Throat) - The opening in the top of the finish from which the bottle contents are accessed. Also called the aperture, corkage, orifice, opening, throat, or mouth of the bottle.

What is a reasonable price for a coffee mug? ›

An average coffee cup costs between $10 - $30, depending on factors such as material, size, design, and extra features. Mugs made of ceramic are more affordable than those made of stainless steel or toughened glass.

How much should I sell mugs for? ›

When it comes to pricing your mugs, you'll need to factor in the cost of production as well as shipping. You should also consider how much you want to mark up the price to make a profit. A good rule of thumb is to double the cost of production. For example, if it costs $4 to produce a mug, you should sell it for $8.

What is the most mugs carried in one hand? ›

The most mugs held in one hand is 25 and was achieved by Rocco Mercurio (Italy), in Villa San Giovanni, Italy, on 30 January 2021. Rocco is a serial record breaker and holds many more Guinness World Records titles!

What are the oldest mugs? ›

The oldest mugs discovered by archeologists date back to the Neolithic Stone Age, some 10,000 years B.C. These drinking vessels, found in China and Japan, were durable yet lacked handles. Eventually, bone and wood gave way to pottery and handles came about.

What Colour mug keeps coffee hot the longest? ›

The latter depends on the materials used to make the mug, the surface structure, et cetera. A black mug has a slightly higher emissions coefficient than a white one in the wave range relevant to thermal radiation, but the difference is not large.

How do most people hold a mug? ›

But what about coffee? Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette says the correct way to hold your coffee mug is like this. “Loop your index finger into the handle and keep your thumb on top of the handle. Your remaining three fingers — middle, index and pinkie — are tucked into the palm of your hand.

What is the plate under a coffee cup for? ›

A saucer is a small, rounded dish that sits beneath a tea or coffee cup. Other kinds of saucers include objects with a similar round shape — like a flying saucer. Saucers that live under cups are useful for catching drips from and protecting the table.

How can you tell if a mug has lead in it? ›

The only way to determine if certain tableware has lead is to test it. Home lead test kits can tell you if the dishes have leachable lead. These tests are most useful in detecting high levels of lead.

Why does my mug have a plug in the bottom? ›

Apparently, the tiny hole has a purpose to drain any excess water after washing. The product description explains: 'The drainage gates on the underside transport water away that may otherwise accumulate when the mug is upside down in the dishwasher.

Is Royal Doulton worth anything? ›

In good condition, the most desirable of these Bunnykins have consistently sold in the low $1,000s, while less desirable (and newer) bunnies are listed between $25-$45. Here are a couple of the more valuable Bunnykins that've recently sold at auction: Royal Doulton Bunnykins Jazz Band Drummer - Sold for $2,102.04.

How can you tell if Royal Doulton is real? ›

Identifying a Royal Doulton figurine is often a straightforward task. Ideally, each authentic piece's underside features a Doulton mark (or backstamp) plus a name and identification number. Using the backstamp, name, and identification number is the easiest way to identify an authentic Royal Doulton Figurine.

Why are Toby Jugs called Toby? ›

The general consensus is that Toby Jugs were named for an 18th-century Yorkshire man who got the nickname Toby Fillpot after he drank 2,000 pints of Yorkshire stingo (ale). A Toby Jug is a figural ceramic pitcher modeled in the form of a popular character, historical, fictional or generic. It can be a person or animal.

How many Royal Doulton character jugs are there? ›

The complete range of these derivatives are also on display. Doulton went on to create more than 600 characters from legend, history and fiction in Character Jug and/or Toby Jug form.

What do the numbers mean on Royal Doulton? ›

These markings are used to distinguish the decade and the value of the pottery. The markings vary because of the illustrious and changing nature of the Royal Doulton business. Authentic Royal Doulton pottery pieces could be marked with the name: Vauxhall Pottery – 1815. Doulton & Watts – 1820.

What is the difference between Royal Doulton and Royal Albert? ›

Royal Doulton is no longer a family business. But it has a 'family' of English brands, having merged with Minton in 1968, and gaining Royal Albert from the merger with AEP in 1971. And, in 2005, these historic names became part of the Waterford Wedgwood group.

Where do Toby Jugs originate from? ›

Toby Jugs originated in the 18th century from the Staffordshire Potteries in England. The first Toby Jug was made by Ralph Wood I (1715-1772) of Burslem and later by his son Ralph Wood II. Jugs which depicted a human figure, or just the head and shoulders of a figure, are referred to as Toby Jugs.

What is a Toby Jug in Cockney slang? ›

It is cockney rhyming slang. Toby jug = mug. A mug is someone who is an idiot / gullible/ foolish.


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