The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (2023)

The sopranos It remains one of the most iconic television shows of the 21st century, and its legacy endures through the collective resumes of the main cast. The late James Gandolfini will always be remembered as Tony Soprano, of course, while other leading artists have landed major roles since the HBO series ended. So what did they appear on after The sopranos’ controversial final episode?

From 1999 to 2007, The sopranos entertained HBO audiences with his foul-mouthed gangster stories and his inner circle of friends. The show is fundamentally a mob-centric series, but its various themes offer a complex portrait of modern family dynamics, be it Tony’s domestic life or his professional experiences as the leader of the DiMeo crime family. Due to the extensive narrative, various characters were introduced during The sopranos’ six seasons, many of which continue to resonate with viewers experiencing the series for the first time or those who have returned for a complete new viewing.

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The sopranos’ The main cast and characters are a major selling point for the Buddhism-inspired show. There are tough-talking male mobsters, along with independent-minded women with big personalities. On the way, The sopranos’ The inherent violence forces the audience to grapple with their deeply flawed but related interpretations of characters. This is what the collective cast members have done since the final episode, “Made in America.”

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James gandolfini

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (1)

James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano in The sopranos, sadly passed away at age 51 in 2013. After the HBO series ended, he appeared in several high-profile movies. Gandolfini played Lt. George Miller in Armando Iannucci’s 2009 comedy. In the loop and starred opposite Denzel Washington the same year for Tony Scott’s The Taking of Pelham 123. Beyond those roles, he had a memorable performance as the aging hitman Mickey in Kill them softly, and met with The sopranos’ creator, David Chase, for the 2012 drama Do not fade away, and also appeared as director of the CIA in the Zero thirty dark. Gandolfini lent his voice to Carol in Where the monsters live and Bobby Eggs in Nicky deuce. His son, Michael Gandolfini, plays young Tony Soprano in the 2021 film The many saints of Newark.

Lorraine bracco

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (2)

Actress Lorraine Bracco kept busy after playing The sopranos’ Dr. Jennifer Melfi. She appeared in Law & Order: Criminal IntenIn season 9, he narrated the television series. I married a mobster and briefly collaborated with comedian John Mulaney for an episode of his short 2014 series Mulaney. In the 2020s, Bracco landed roles in movies like A ring for Christmas Y The birthday cake, but she has become even more known in pop culture for playing Dr. Janet in BoJack Horseman, Mayor Margaret Dutton in Blue bloodand Angela Rizzoli in Rizzoli and islands.

Edie falco

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After co-starring as Carmela Soprano in The sopranos, Edie Falco kept the industry momentum playing Celeste Cunningham in several episodes of 30 rock and then landing a starring role in Nurse jackie. She earned four Golden Globe nominations for her performance and won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Since then, Falco has played Sylvia in Louis CK’s Horacio and Pete, Leslie Abramson in Law and order True crimeand Hillary Clinton in American crime history. She also headlined the television series. Tommy as Abigail “Tommy” Thomas. Falco will play General Ardmore in the future Avatar movies, and has appeared in movies Comedian, Megan leavey, Y Viper Club.

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Michael imperioli

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (4)

Michael Imperioli has maintained a stable acting career after playing The sopranos’ Christopher Moltisanti. He briefly headlined the ABC series. Life on mars as Detective Ray Carling, and then returned to the network for a title concert as Detective Louis Fitch in Detroit 1-8-7. Neither show lasted more than one season. However, Imperioli did win a recurring role as Ray Ray on the Showtime hit. Californication. After that, he landed more prominent roles on television, including Odell Martin in Hawaii Five-0, Eddie in Alex, Inc., Edward Rizzuto in Project Blue Book, and Detective Michael Sellitto in Lincoln Rhyme: Bone Collector’s Hunt. Imperioli also played Jay Ford in The last full measure and played Angelo Dundee in One night in Miami.

Dominic chianese

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (5)

Dominic Chianese, who played Junior Soprano in The sopranos, has added important roles to his resume since the HBO series ended. Fans of FX’s success Damages can remember him as Stuart Zedeck, while Boardwalk empire enthusiasts may recognize him as Leander Cephas Whitlock. In the late 2010s, Chianese also appeared as Judge Michael Marx in The good wife and Enzo Napolitano in The village. You are ready to play the main character in Umberto D., a remake of Vittorio De Sica’s 1952 Italian neorealism classic.

Vincent Pastore

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (6)

Known for playing Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero in The sopranosVincent Pastore left the show after the season 2 episode “Fun House.” Since then, he has been one of the industry’s most prolific character actors of the 21st century. In the 2000s, Pastore had a short career as Lenny Pescatore in The practice and played Zach in the 2005 Guy Ritchie film Stir. He also voiced Luca in Shark tale and it appeared as General Hospital Maximus Giambetti for six episodes in 2008. Pastore voiced Big Pussy in two episodes of Animals., and also played Fat Larry on the Hulu show. Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

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Steven Van Zandt

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (7)

After portraying The sopranos’ Silvio Dante, Steven Van Zandt starred in the first Netflix original, Lilyhammer. For three seasons, he headlined the show as Frankie “The Fixer” Tagliano, but later appeared only in a few productions. Van Zandt expressed the owner of a restaurant in American father! season 11 and appeared as Wolfie in the 2018 Netflix movie The Christmas Chronicles. He also returned to the streaming service to play singer Jerry Vale in the 2019 Martin Scorsese crime flick. the Irish.

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Robert Iler

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On The sopranos, AJ feels the pressure to live up to his father Tony’s standards. In real life, actor Robert Iler similarly struggled with expectations and only appeared in one episode of Law season 19 after the HBO show ended. According to a 2020 report (via The Hollywood Reporter), Iler has been sober since 2013.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (9)

After portraying Meadow in The sopranos, Jamie-Lynn Sigler appeared as herself in 13 episodes of Entourage. She also had a brief run as Natalie on the ABC show. Ugly Betty and then she played Emily in Boys with children. In the late 2010s, Sigler voiced Rebecca in Elena of valued.

Tony sirico

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (10)

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In the following years The sopranos’ final episode, Tony Sirico, aka Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri, landed small roles in Throw, Half, and also the 2012 movie Shark Attack on Jersey Shore. Then his career resumed with a two-episode arc in Lilyhammer as Antonino “Father Tony” Tagliano and a role in the 2016 Woody Allen film Coffee Society. Sirico also voiced Vinny in Family man, with Enzo Perotti in American father!

Aida turturro

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (11)

Aida Turturro, who played Janice Soprano in The sopranos, appeared on several high-profile shows in the late 2000s and 2010s. First, she appeared as Sheryl Hawkins on IT IS and Bobbi Catalano in Half. Turturro later appeared in an episode of Check your enthusiasm Season 8 as Gabby and Met The sopranos’ Falco for Nurse jackie season 4. During the second half of the 2010s, she landed recurring roles as Judge Felicia Catano on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Heddie Hawkins in The blacklist, and then appeared as Peti in the 2021 miniseries Gume kaljave.

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Steve Schirripa

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (12)

After playing Robert “Bobby Bacala” Baccalieri in The sopranosSteve Schirripa landed two lead roles on mainstream television shows. He appeared in more than 100 episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Leo Boykewich and later played Anthony Abetemarco in Blue blood. Schirripa’s other roles include Vito in Jersey Boys and Nick in Wheel of Fortune.

Drea De Matteo

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (13)

Known as The sopranos’ Adriana La Cerva, Drea de Matteo also played a prominent role in Desperate housewives as Angie Bolen in the late 2000s. She then had a larger character arc as Wendy Case in Sons of Anarchy from 2008 to 2014, and later it was incorporated Shades of blue for a recurring role as Tess Nazario. After Adriana La Cerva, De Matteo kept busy through the late 2010s and early 2020s as she played Barbara Nelson in A million little things and Maya in Paradise City.

Other notable actors from The Sopranos

The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (14)

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Apart from The sopranos’ Members of the main cast, various other artists have appeared on popular TV shows and movies. For example, Steve Buscemi appeared in 14 episodes of the HBO series as Tony Blundetto after previously starring in classics such as Fargo Y Reservoir dogs. He finally returned to HBO to headline Boardwalk empire as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson. Furthermore, Peter Bogdanovich was already an iconic film critic turned filmmaker when he played Dr. Elliot Kupferberg in The sopranos, and then made headlines when he helped restore and release the unreleased Orson Welles film The other side of the wind. As for Kathrine Narducci … The sopranos’ Charmaine Bucco – played Frankie Lavarro in Energy, Carrie Bufalino in the Irishand Olympia Gigante in Godfather of harlem.

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The Sopranos: what every lead actor has done since the series ended (15)

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