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How To Return To Old Settings

BEST Hearing Aids of 2022 | 6 Top Rated Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aids

New settings do not always fix the issues you are having with your hearing aids, so you might want to go back to the previous settings. Access My ReSound and locate My Requests and New Settings. An option to Restore to Previous Settings will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select this option and follow the subsequent instructions to reinstall the old settings on your device.

The Hearing Aids Are Not Taken Care Of Properly

Hearing aids are small a tiny bit of earwax or debris can clog them up and keep them from working their best. Keeping the hearing aids clean, changing the wax guards, avoiding wearing them when using hairspray, and using a dry-aid kit are just some of the ways you can keep your hearing aid working well throughout its lifespan.

What Is Resound Assist

Those new to the ReSound Smart 3D App might not be familiar with the ReSound Assist feature programmed in the software.

This feature allows hearing aid users remote access to a hearing care professional without in-person contact. The user can request fine-tuning, adjustments, and updates from a technician, and will enable the hearing care professional to update the settings on your hearing device from a remote location.

Even without social distancing limitations, this handy feature allows users to take advantage of professional adjustments at work, on vacation, or on-the-go.

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Im Using An Android Device And Am Having Trouble With Wireless Streaming Or Phone Calls

Before doing anything else, try restarting your phone. If that doesnt work, delete the Resound Smart/ Smart 3D APP from your phone and reinstall it. Then, reconnect your hearing aids to the APP. If all of those things have still not solved the problem, there are two main ways to fix it:

Method 1

  • Go to the Resound App and click on MORE.
  • Turn Demo Mode on, then turn it off.
  • The app will then search for the hearing aids.
  • Next, you will need to restart your hearing aids.
  • Battery: Remove the battery and then re-insert.
  • Rechargeable: Remove hearing aid from the charger and then put it back.
  • Wait for your hearing aids to pair and then click continue.

Method 2

  • Go to your Resound App.
  • Your phone should find the hearing aids, and then an icon saying Found Hearing Aids will show up.
  • Next, you will need to restart your hearing aid.
  • Battery: Remove the battery and then re-insert.
  • Rechargeable: Remove hearing aid from the charger and then put it back.
  • Wait for pairing, and then click continue.

Your Hearing Loss Has Changed

Why Is My Resound Hearing Aid Not Working - HealthyHearingClub.net (1)

Some patients go to their doctors with hearing aids they think dont work, only to find their hearing loss is worse due to having scheduled tests. Hearing aids no longer provide enough volume to make speech sounds clear when hearing worsens. Sometimes, this is an easy fix and involves reprogramming the hearing aids to the new hearing loss. Other times, especially if has been more than five years, it is time for new hearing aids.

Stay in touch with your audiologist and have your hearing tested yearly . This way, your hearing aids can be adjusted to the small changes in your hearing and can keep you hearing well.

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Problem #: Your Hearing Aids Are Very Quiet

If your hearing aids seem very quiet, even if youve turned the volume up all the way, then theres probably sometime wrong. Time to do some detective work, and solve that problem!

The first thing you should do is carefully look over the entire hearing aid, from the microphone opening to the sound outlet, tubing, and earpiece. Youre looking for any cracks, moisture, or blockages such as a buildup of dirt or wax. If you find anything, all you need is a quick cleaning with a soft cloth, or for really tough dirt, youll need a bit of elbow grease, and your hearing devices will be back to working like a charm. If you find any damage or cracks, your device will need to be repaired before its back in working order. Contact us at your nearest My Hearing Centers location, if this is the case.

Couldnt find any blockage or damage? Next, try adjusting the volume controls, or test out a different setting. Flip between different programs to see if all programs seem softer than usual or if its just one setting. It might not be the entire device thats soft, but just a technical problem with one of the settings. If none of these tips make a difference, think about how long youve had your hearing aid, and whether its possible that your level of hearing loss has changed considerably. In some instances, quiet hearing aids may mean your hearing abilities have changed. It may be time to visit us and think about getting a hearing devise that matches your level of hearing loss.

Acadian Hearing Can Help

Acadian Hearing has set up a service we call Access Audiology, which allows our patients access to other members of our staff and me for hearing healthcare consultation using video conferencing. This is a handy way to get face-to-face assistance in accessing and using the ReSound Assist feature as well as other hearing care-related questions and concerns. Contact us for more information about the ReSound Smart 3D app and its features, to get help using it or to set up an appointment using our Access Audiology service.

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Where To Find Software Updates

You can determine if you have the latest update by browsing the app store on your phone. If an update is available, use the instructions listed above to download updates. Once the download is complete, open the My ReSound menu, locate Activate ReSound Assist and follow the instructions to activate the newest update on your device.

Why Your Bluetooth Hearing Aid Isnt Working And How To Fix It

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids | ReSound One

There is no doubt that Bluetooth hearing aids have opened the door to a world of possibilities. They make it possible to stream music, television audio and even theatre events directly into your hearing aids. They put near-total control of your listening experience in the palm of your hand. They connect you directly to the electronic world we now live in.

As the old saying goes, though, there is nothing perfect under the sun. Like anything made by man Bluetooth will occasionally have a glitch. When it happens, it might make you believe your under-attack by Gremlins. No worries though, in most cases, when your Bluetooth hearing aid stops working correctly, the issue usually is minor and easy to fix.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly encountered Bluetooth issues and how to correct them.

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How Do I Connect My Hearing Aids To My Iphone

Well, Im glad you asked! If you are connecting your hearing aid to your device for the first time, here are the steps:

  • Make sure your hearing aids are turned off by opening the battery door. If you have the latest model Quattro rechargeable hearing aid, put them in their charging case.
  • Go to the Settings on your phone.
  • Be sure to make sure that Bluetooth is on.
  • Choose Accessibility, which can be found within the main settings menu for iPhones.
  • Then, within accessibility, scroll down to Hearing Devices and touch that. The iPhone will begin searching for your hearing aid.
  • Turn your hearing aid on by closing the battery door or taking them out of the charging case. This puts the aid into a pairing mode for 2 minutes.
  • s hearing device will pop up under the Hearing Devices menu at the top of the screen.
  • Touch , and your iPhone will request that you Pair your devices. If you only have one hearing aid, it will ask you this once, and if you have two, it will ask you a second time always choose to pair your device.
  • Wait for 2 minutes before doing anything else with your phone to allow all the necessary communication to complete between your hearing aid & iPhone.
  • And youre done! Your hearing aid should now be appropriately paired to your iPhone.

    Troubleshooting Problems Associated With The Resound Smart 3d App

    Patient Resources, Technology, Troubleshooting

    Are you a ReSound Smart 3D app user? If your answer is yes, you might be concerned with various issues associated with the hearing aid applications use. If your answer is no, worry not.

    In this post, I will explain about the applications uses and detail various issues associated with its use. I will also suggest various proven ways to troubleshoot them.

    ReSound Smart 3D is an innovative application compatible with various hearing aids. The app enables you to control your hearing aids with your mobile device directly. For instance, you can switch programs and customize your sound settings.

    The ReSound Smart 3D app is user-friendly. It assists new users in learning how to use it. Also, it can help you trace your misplaced hearing aids. What is more, with the help of your hearing care expert, you can update your hearing software and programs without visiting the clinic.

    The fact that your physician can help you remotely during this Covid-19 pandemic period is a plus. Essentially, the ReSound Smart 3D app is equipped with a remote assist feature, which allows your audiologist remotely to adjust your hearing aid.

    Despite these perks, you are likely to face some issues when using the ReSound Smart 3D apps Remote Assist feature. But the good news is that you can resolve them with only a few steps.

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    Connect Your Phone With Your Hearing Aids

  • Once youve chosen Forget this Device, or if its your first time connecting, turn your hearing aids off.
  • Remove the batteries from your hearing aids or place rechargeable aids on the charger.
  • Turn your hearing aids back on and replace the batteries or remove them from the charger.
  • Go to Settings on your phone, click Hearing Devices, and wait for your hearing aids to pop up.
  • Press the prompt that says Triple-click the Home button at any time to show hearing device options.
  • Wait for a Bluetooth Pairing Request.
  • Select Pair, and then select it again if you have two hearing aids.
  • Regular Maintenance & Repairs For Your Aids

    Why Is My Resound Hearing Aid Not Working - HealthyHearingClub.net (2)

    If you are one of the millions of Americans who have hearing loss, and depend on your hearing aids to help you navigate your day, dont let these common problems stop you from hearing. Schedule regular maintenance cleanings and repairs with your hearing specialist at My Hearing Centers. If you have any other problems with your hearing devices, dont hesitate to visit us at My Hearing Centers, where were quick to find and fix problems to get you back to hearing as soon as possible.

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    Receive Assistance Directly To Your Phone

    With ReSound Assist, you receive our compassionate care right through your phone. Simply send a description of your hearing issue through the App, and well receive your request and a recording of your current settings. Then we send precise adjustments directly to your App. All you have to do is place your phone and hearing aids close together and click Install to update your settings. You can let us know how its working with the Rate My Sound feature. Or, if you require further assistance, please at 210-820-0525 or to schedule a Virtual Audicles consultation.We look forward to perfecting your hearing with ReSound Assist!

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    Troubleshooting A Hearing Aid With No Sound Author: Admin

    Hearing aids are an essential device for many to improve their quality of life and allow them to experience normality, even after experiencing hearing loss. However, like any device, they are not infallible. While hearing aids will work perfectly more often than not, there will be occasions where they do not work the way they should. One issue you might encounter is a hearing aid with no sound, so here is some advice for troubleshooting it to get to the bottom of the issue.

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    Bte Tubing Needs To Be Changed

    Behind-the-Ear hearing aids also have common problems with tubing that cause the hearing aid to cut in and out.

    Over time, the tubing become stiff and hard, gets ear wax in it as well as moisture.

    Your hearing aid tubing should be ideally changed every 3 months as routine maintained. If the tubing of your hearing aid has gone stiff please replace it and it may just solve the issue.

    Bluetooth Is A Pain In The Arse

    Place ReSound ONE hearing aids in the Premium Charger

    I know I have said it already, but Bluetooth is a pain in the arse. It isn’t the hearing aid manufacturer’s fault, it isn’t your Audiologist’s fault, it’s just Bluetooth. It is inherently unstable, it causes problems and the best way to get on with it is to just get on with it. My thoughts on it are that the problems are worth the benefits. Bluetooth connectivity provides us with so much benefit. If however, you aren’t very tech-savvy, the difficulties might drive you mad. The easiest fix for most problems seems to be to forget the devices, restart your phone and then re-pair them. Generally, that fixes all issues, so simply learn how to do it, it is worth it.

    Like us on Facebook by clicking the button below to keep up with our latest utterances. Alternatively, if you don’t like Facebook, sign up to the newsletter below. It is important to remember, a hearing aid isn’t properly fitted unless they do Real Ear Measurement.

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    The Volume Is Too Low

    While it may be difficult to hear and keep up with loud and noisy settings, decreased volume or sound quality that persists in considerably less busy environments may indicate issues with your hearing aids.

  • Clean earwax and check the settings

    Similar to when theres no sound from your hearing aids, decreased volume and sound quality may be due to volume and program or memory settings and earwax blockage.

    Check the volume: try turning it up all the way and see whether the program was switched to a different one than usual. Ensure that the earmold and tubing are intact, and remove any built-up earwax debris that is physically blocking and muffling the sound.

  • What To Do If Your Hearing Aid Is Off

    There are several troubleshooting solutions your audiologist might ask you to try first. To start, check the battery. Remove it and ensure that you reinsert it in the correct position. If it still doesnt switch on, inspect it for a blockage or damage. Look for a build-up of wax or debris, as this might be blocking the sound. Look at the manual for any other suggestions. If youre hearing aid keeps shutting off, make an appointment with an audiologist. They will be able to make any urgent repairs.

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    Common Hearing Aid Problems You Can Fix Yourself

    Hearing aids are remarkable devices however, like anything mechanical, they are prone to breakages. If you have one of the common problems with your hearing aid listed below, here are some simple remedies that you can perform on your own. Remember, though, that if youve tried to fix your hearing aid on your own and there are still issues, do not hesitate to visit your audiologist or hearing professional to help test both your hearing aid and your own hearing.

    1. Hearing aid appears to be dead

    One major cause of your hearing aid not working is if the battery is dead or only has a minimal life left. If your hearing aid stops working altogether, the first thing to do is to change the battery. Some hearing aid models are relatively small, as are their batteries. If you cant replace the battery yourself, ask someone with nimble fingers to replace the battery for you.

    Another common reason that your hearing aid has stopped working is that the receiver tube may be blocked. Over time, ear wax can build up and accumulate in your receiver tube. While routine cleaning is essential to maintaining your hearing aid, even the best of intentions can get messed up. Do your best to remove any blockage from the hearing aid and give it a good cleaning. Most hearing aids come with a cleaning kit, so use this to maintain the integrity of your hearing aid.

    2. Hearing aid isnt loud enough

    3. Hearing aid performance is inconsistent

    4. Hearing aid sounds distorted or unclear

    General Tips For Success

    Why Is My Resound Hearing Aid Not Working - HealthyHearingClub.net (3)

    First, we want to share the best practices to keep in mind. If youre having problems with phone calls or wireless streaming, restarting your iPhone or Android phone usually resolves that. ReSound Smart 3D works best when you keep your smartphone software up to date. Its also a good idea to restart your smartphone at least once a week. Before opening the ReSound app, close other apps. Also, turn your Bluetooth off and turn it on again.

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    Problem #: Theres A Lot Of Feedback

    Having trouble with feedback? Our modern, sophisticated hearing aids are designed to reduce or eliminate feedback, and have advanced programs that work to do just that. If youre suddenly experiencing a lot of feedback, theres definitely something wrong. If you hear a lot of whistling in your ears, take your hearing aids out and try putting them in again. You may have just stuck them in too fast this morning, and theyre sitting a little funny. If this has been a problem since the day you bought the hearing aids, you may need to visit us and adjust the fit to make sure theyre sitting in your ears correctly. You may just be experiencing feedback because the volume is too high. Try turning down the volume a notch or two, and see if the feedback stops. Whistling can even be caused by a buildup of wax in the ear, since its not allowing the sound from your hearing aid to travel into your ear normally, but is bouncing the sound back out of your ear, causing feedback.


    Why isn t my ReSound hearing aid not working? ›

    Turn your Bluetooth off and then on again to see if the hearing aid(s) connect properly. Power down your iPhone completely and then turn it on again. Hearing aid manufacturers recommend powering down your iPhone at least once a week to reduce connection issues.

    How do I reset my ReSound hearing aid? ›

    Go to My ReSound, tap 'My requests and new settings', then tap 'Restore to previous settings' at the bottom of the screen. You can either restore to the latest settings fitted in your hearing care professional's office or, if applicable, to the latest settings sent to you remotely.

    Why is my hearing aid not coming on? ›

    Check the Battery

    If it is a replaceable battery, double-check that it is properly inserted and has not run out. Then try taking it out and putting it back in. Try a fresh battery if that does not work. Hearing aids that do not work properly are frequently caused by battery troubles.

    How do I reconnect my hearing aid to ReSound? ›

    Close the battery door of the hearing aids and press Pair. The app will search for nearby hearing aids. Select your hearing aids and press the Connect button. If no hearing aids are found, you can try searching for hearing aids again by pressing Search.

    What is the average life of a ReSound hearing aid? ›

    ReSound hearing aids use advanced directionality and noise reduction features, which help you hear better in noisy environments. What is the lifespan of a hearing aid? The typical lifespan of a completely new hearing aid is 5 years.

    How do I know if my hearing aid is not working? ›

    You should notice a change in volume or “clearness” with your hearing aids in, and you may find yourself wanting to turn the volume down. Turn the hearing aid off and back on while leaving it in your ear. You should hear a start-up sound when it comes on, maybe a tune or a set of beeps.

    What does the button on the ReSound hearing aid do? ›

    Your hearing aid has a push button which allows you to select from several listening programs. Push the button to change program. You will then hear one or more beeps. The number of beeps indicates which program you have selected (one beep = program 1, two beeps = program 2 and so on).

    Can a hearing aid go bad? ›

    Hearing aids can last anywhere from three years to seven — for some people, even longer. Variables affecting this lifespan include how well the instrument is built, how well it's maintained, and how much wear and tear it experiences being worn in your ear for many hours a day.

    What are three ways in which a hearing aid can malfunction? ›

    The four most common issues hearing aid wearers experience are:
    • My hearing aids aren't producing any sound (or my hearing aids are "dead")
    • My hearing aids aren't loud enough.
    • My hearing aids sound "funny" or distorted.
    • My hearing aids are "whistling" or producing feedback.
    Jul 26, 2022

    Why won t my rechargeable hearing aid turn on? ›

    The first thing you can do is check your battery. Occasionally batteries may be faulty, so if one of your hearing aids is working and the other is not, try out a new battery in that hearing aid. If you have a rechargeable hearing aid, you should check that your device is fully charged.

    Why will my hearing aid not connect to my phone? ›

    If you are having trouble getting your hearing aids and app to reconnect, check the Bluetooth settings on your Android device to make sure your hearing aids are still paired and if not, repeat the pairing process.

    Why does my ReSound hearing aid shut off randomly? ›

    If your hearing aid keeps shutting off, this could be to do with the battery. It might need replacing. If it's not a battery issue, then the hearing aid could have been damaged in some way.

    Should I turn my hearing aid off at night? ›

    Using your hearing aid at night time will eat through your batteries much quicker and this is why it is important that when you take your hearing aids out at night that you open your hearing aid battery draw to reduce accidental battery consumption when you are not wearing them.

    How long does it take for your brain to adjust to a hearing aid? ›

    Hearing aids will help you hear better — but not perfectly. Focus on your improvement and remember the learning curve can take anywhere from six weeks to six months. Success comes from practice and commitment. When you first begin to use hearing aids, your brain will be startled to receive signals it has been missing.

    Can you sleep in ReSound hearing aid? ›

    If you need to sleep with your hearing aids in, you can, but I typically recommend taking them out at night to give your ears a break and save battery life/charge them. We generally advise people not to wear hearing aids when sleeping.

    How do you know if hearing aid is on? ›

    You should hear a start-up sound when it comes on (either a musical tune or spoken words). You can also try leaving the battery door open until the hearing aid is installed and then shutting it.

    What are the two buttons on top of a hearing aid? ›

    Most hearing aids that this department issues have a volume control and a program selection button. The button allows you to change to way the hearing aid operates for using in different situations, for example using in noisy situations or where there is a loop system.

    What can damage a hearing aid? ›

    Keep hearing aids away from heat and moisture. Clean hearing aids as instructed. Earwax and ear drainage can damage a hearing aid. Avoid using hairspray or other hair care products while wearing hearing aids.

    Can you replace just one hearing aid? ›

    If you have hearing loss in only one ear and normal or nearly normal hearing in the other, then one hearing aid is all you need. But most people have hearing loss in both ears, especially if the loss is age-related. (You may have one ear that's better than the other, but chances are both will be in the same ballpark.)

    Should you wear a hearing aid all day? ›

    It is recommended to wear hearing aids all of the time; except when you are sleeping, showering, having your hair done, swimming or when in a dangerously loud environment. Be patient and give your brain a chance to adapt to all of the wonderful new sounds of life! Learn how TruHearing can help with your hearing health.

    What is the most common hearing problem? ›

    Sensorineural loss is the most common type of hearing loss. It can be a result of aging, exposure to loud noise, injury, disease, certain drugs or an inherited condition.

    Which action would be most likely to cause hearing loss? ›

    Loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Noise from lawn mowers, snow blowers, or loud music can damage the inner ear and result in permanent hearing loss. Loud noise also contributes to tinnitus.

    How often should you clean hearing aid tubes? ›

    The external parts of a BTE hearing aid should be wiped every day with a dry cloth. Your tubing should be changed every 6 months or as instructed by your audiologist. Your hearing aid audiologist will go through this process with you, or you can check the instruction manual that comes with your hearing aids.

    How often should hearing aid domes be changed? ›

    When you need a fresh, clean dome, remove the existing dome and put on a new one. We recommend replacing the dome at least once a month or as directed by your hearing care professional.

    Why do my ears feel blocked with hearing aid? ›

    Common issues with adjusting to hearing aids

    Also known as the “occlusion effect,” it may feel like your ears are clogged. Your hearing aids probably have a vent that will help air pass into your ear – this will help you to eventually adjust to the sound that your hearing aids produce.

    Is it OK to leave a hearing aid charger plugged in all the time? ›

    You do not need to worry about over-charging your hearing aids! Leave them in the charger unit until you are ready to wear them. 2) Charge your hearing aids daily, preferably overnight, before wearing them.

    Can you overcharge hearing aid batteries? ›

    A: The batteries will not overcharge if left in the charger. It is a best practice to put the hearing aids back on the charger when the hearing aids are not being worn during the day. This will keep the hearing aids turned off and the batteries charged.

    How do you turn on a Resound rechargeable hearing aid? ›

    To turn on: Press and hold the button for 5 seconds 2. To turn off: Press and hold the button for 5 seconds When the hearing aid turns on, the green LED lights up.

    How do I get my phone to ring in my hearing aid? ›

    On your phone, go to “Settings” and then “Bluetooth” and make sure it is turned on. Close the battery door to power up your hearing aid, so your Android phone can detect it.

    What app do I need to connect to my hearing aid? ›

    Oticon Companion app is compatible with devices powered by Android™ 8.0, Oreo or later.

    How do you reset a ReSound hearing aid? ›

    Go to My ReSound, tap 'My requests and new settings', then tap 'Restore to previous settings' at the bottom of the screen. You can either restore to the latest settings fitted in your hearing care professional's office or, if applicable, to the latest settings sent to you remotely.

    How do I know if my hearing aid is defective? ›

    3 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repairs
    1. You see physical damage. There are many ways a hearing aid may be damaged. ...
    2. You hear muffled noise or feedback. If you often hear whistling or feedback, it's a sign of an ill-fitting hearing aid. ...
    3. Troubleshooting doesn't work.
    Aug 28, 2017

    What is the warranty on a hearing aid? ›

    Hearing aids have a warranty by default

    The manufacturer provides at least one year of comprehensive loss, damage, and repair coverage. For hearing aids with more complex technology, the warranty is longer, often lasting up to three years, says audiologist Michelle Matyko.

    Is there a way to test hearing aid batteries? ›

    Insert the battery in the hearing aid and close the battery door. Close your hand around the hearing aid and hold it up to your ear. If the hearing aid is squealing, the battery is functioning.

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